Build Wrap-Up: Spotlight on Windows 8, Windows Server 8 and More

Microsoft's sold-out Build conference just wrapped up in Anaheim, Calif. Here's a guide to all of our conference coverage, including news and analysis.

Microsoft Outlines Major Windows 8 Changes at Build Conference
The demos at Build gave attendees the first detailed look at what appears to be a radical departure from previous Windows desktop OSes. Click here to read.

Microsoft Takes Windows 8 Out for a Spin in Build Keynote
Attendees were treated to a glimpse into the developer preview version of Windows 8 and a tour of various hardware devices destined to run the new OS. Click here to read.

Microsoft Gives Windows 8 Tablets to Build Attendees
Microsoft unveiled the Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC during Tuesday's Build keynote, and then proceeded to give away 5,000 of them. Click here to read.

Microsoft's Michael Angiulo unveils the Samsung Prototype PC with Windows Developer Preview.

Blog: Build Keynote Odds 'n' Ends
I point out with no bitterness that journalists ARE NOT eligible for the free tablet giveaway. Oh, well. Guess I'll have to struggle through with my iPad 2. Click here to read.

Windows 8 Reactions from Build: Dev Experts Weigh In
What will Windows 8 really mean for the future of .NET developers? Four industry experts share their insight on what we've seen so far. Click here to read.

Windows 8 Dev Preview Now Available for Download
According to Microsoft, it will be continually updating this developer preview as a "test" of the update technology they'll be using for Windows 8. Click here to read.

Blog: Windows 8 in Full View
It looks more like a phone or tablet OS than it does a PC OS. In fact, for those of you that use Windows Phone 7 (there must be at least a couple of you out there), Windows 8 will look very familiar. Click here to read.

Windows 8 developer preview start screen.

Blog: First Public Previews: Windows 8 and Metro App Dev Tools
The new Windows 8 platform for metro-style applications gives you access to the new Windows APIs, now called the Windows runtime or WinRT, using the language of your choice. Click here to read.

Microsoft: Windows Server 8 Is Its 'Most Cloud-Optimized OS'
Day 2 of Microsoft's Build conference turned part of the spotlight on the company's next-generation server technology, code-named "Windows Server 8." Click here to read.

Blog: Windows Server 8 Reporting for Cloud Duty
While details were not as forthcoming as they were with the Windows 8 client, Microsoft did wet our server whistle just a bit. Click here to read.

Blog: Windows 8 Extends to the Cloud
With Microsoft's marching orders that it is "all in" the cloud, one would expect Windows to lead the charge. Click here to read.

Microsoft Makes the Case for Windows Azure to ISVs
Satya Nadella, president of Microsoft's Server and Tools Business, pitched Windows Azure to independent software vendors (ISVs) during his Day 2 keynote speech at Build. Click here to read.

Satya Nadella discusses "Windows Server 8."

Blog: Azure Tweaked, Promoted at Build
Microsoft may want to dominate the cloud, but it also recognizes it must play nice if it is to have any chance at all. Click here to read.

Ballmer: Windows Is Central to Microsoft's Long-Term Strategy
Steve Ballmer made one thing clear during his Build talk: Microsoft's strategy is centered around Windows -- Windows 8, Windows Server 8, Windows Azure and Windows Phone. Click here to read.

Microsoft Opens Up About 'Windows To Go' Tool for Enterprises
Microsoft gave Build attendees more details about Windows To Go, which lets IT provide users with an imaged version of Windows 8 that reflects the corporate desktop. Click here to read.

Blog: Visual Studio 11 Gets Game, More Agile
Microsoft showed off the new visual image editor and graphics tools in the Visual Studio 11 developer preview, which include debugging capabilities for 2-D and 3-D games based on DirectX. Click here to read.

Stay tuned for follow-up Build articles and analysis!