Microsoft's Launch Wave At Full Crest This Week

The juggernaut that is Windows Server 2008 arrives this week, with a big splashy event in Los Angeles hosted by Microsoft's big gun -- CEO Steve Ballmer -- and his team revisiting every feature as if it were something new.

At this point, we all know Windows Server 2008 inside and out and there's not much to reveal. But events like this are not about secrets; rather, it's more about making an official ado for Microsoft's most important network operating system and development platform perhaps in this decade.

Maybe that's exaggerating it a bit, but not really. With mostly bad news dogging Windows Vista since it launched about this time last year, you might cut Microsoft a break as it gives Windows Server 2008 -- and let's not ignore Visual Studio 2008, which came out in November of last year and the better-late-than-unfinished SQL Server 2008 that's expected later this year -- a proper launch. As such, much is riding on Microsoft to follow up with a solid, new release this time out. It'll be the biggest launch for the company with Ballmer at the helm -- no Bill Gates to make the marketing pitch geek-friendly.

And Windows Server 2008 comes with high anticipation. A recent CDW tracking poll pegs upgrades to the new NOS at 63 percent, "with 18 percent already implementing or making their plans to do so," stated the release on the CDW site. That was among 772 IT professionals who were surveyed in October and November last year.

The staff at Redmond Magazine has been keeping tabs on Windows Server 2008 over the last few years, so it's been easy for us to get caught up in the hoopla. With that in mind, Redmond's editors plan to show up in force at the official Los Angeles event as well as other venues, seeking anything original and new that hasn't been exposed to the masses. So, keep this page bookmarked as we link to sources on the Redmond Media Group Web sites and link to news and blogs originating from the launch event.

In the meantime, check out the following resources for the most current news on Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008:

Preview: The Big Launch
Microsoft rolls out 2008 versions of Visual Studio, Windows Server and SQL Server.
By the Redmond Developer News Editorial Staff

Windows Server 2008: Taking a Closer Look
Virtualization and configurability in Microsoft's new server OS present enterprise IT shops with both challenges and opportunities.
By Peter Varhol

Windows Server 2008: So Far, So Good
Enhanced administration, security, IIS updates and virtualization promise to make moving to Microsoft's new server OS worthwhile.
By Joanne Cummings

Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 Released to Manufacturing
Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 were released to manufacturing, marking a dual milestone in the history of both products. It also means that Windows 2008 will be officially shipping by the "Global Launch Wave" of enterprise products on Feb. 27.
By Keith Ward

Microsoft Primed for a 'Hyper' 2008
Like a kid who's overdosed on Christmas cookies, Microsoft looks like it's going to have a hyper 2008. That's because of the introduction of Redmond's first enterprise-class virtualization product, christened "Hyper-V."
By Keith Ward

Microsoft Unveils New SMB Server Branding
Microsoft is joining the company's upcoming Windows Small Business Server 2008 (formerly code-named Cougar) and Windows Essential Business Sever 2008 for midsize businesses under a new Windows Essential Server Solutions umbrella.
By Becky Nagel

Laying the Groundwork for Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Redmond's new database server is a complex product often running mission-critical apps. You can't afford to not get it right.
By Josh Jones

Microsoft Releases 'Feature Complete' SQL Server 2008 CTP
A fully baked beta release of Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 is now available for testing.
By Jeffrey Schwartz

Microsoft: SQL Server 2008 Will Be Late
Despite public confidence that SQL Server 2008 would ship by the end of June, Microsoft today indicated it probably is more likely to release SQL Server 2008 to manufacturing in the third quarter.
By Jeffrey Schwartz

Microsoft Giving Away Visual Studio, SQL 2005, Expression to College Students
Microsoft announced that it will be giving away Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server Standard Edition, XNA Game Studio 2.0, and its Expression suite of products to college students worldwide -- and eventually to high school students.
By Becky Nagel

New Visual Studio 2008 Database, Visual Basic Tool Downloads Available
Microsoft this week posted several new downloads for developers working with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Basic.
By Becky Nagel

VSTS 2008 Release Brings LINQ to Fore
Microsoft's Meijer wants to use LINQ to improve Web programming.
By John K. Waters

VS 2008 Ready this Month
Microsoft set to unveil Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5.
By Kathleen Richards

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