IT Weekly Roundup, Feb. 24

From the business wires this week: an application deployer, a password recovery solution, Web content filter for Active Directory, more.

IS Decisions released RemoteExec 4.0, the latest version of its universal application and file deployer for Windows systems. Version 4.0 includes new filters to target systems by operating system and/or processor type, the ability to power down and up systems remotely, the ability to execute multiple actions in one pass, and more. Priced at $3.50 per system (server or workstation).

RepliWeb Inc. released the latest version of its R-1 Distribution Manager. Version 3.5 features integrated IIS6 Metabase replication and an enhanced Web interface for content publishers. With R-1, Web server admins can automate the publishing of a complete Web site (files, Web content and IIS6 Metabase) to hundreds of target servers connected via LAN or WAN. Rapid rollback functionality can restore all production servers to a previous data state in the event wrong code/content is published.

Elcomsoft announced the release of Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery solution for recovering passwords to Microsoft Office documents. The software has a plug-in architecture and can be easily extended to support more document formats and types of encryption. The program restores passwords for Word and Excel documents encrypted with 40-bit keys (Office 97/2000 compatible) as well as more recent documents (Office XP/2003) encrypted with CSP. Future releases will support Adobe Acrobat PDF files, ZIP and RAR archives, PGP encryption keys, and more. Pricing starts at $599 for networks with up to 20 clients/agents.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery
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Recover passwords for Microsoft Office docs across your network with Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery.

eXpert Technology Solutions Inc. released Access Tracking Manager for Citrix Presentation Server and MetaFrame. The business intelligence software expands and refines the reporting capabilities of Citrix Resource Manager, allowing unlimited data access through an agentless, scalable reporting architecture. Reports can be delivered in PDF, Excel, HTML, XML or Crystal.

eSoft Inc. released the latest version of its SiteFilter SoftPak for ThreatWall Content Security Gateway. The new release integrates Transparent Authentication for Windows Active Directory and does not require additional software on the Microsoft Windows Server. With SiteFilter, Web admins can specify Web usage policies for particular user groups or on a per-user basis within the Windows Active Directory server. Pricing starts at $449.

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