Whale To Bundle ISA 2004

Microsoft and Whale Communications announced a partnership that enables Whale to sell an integrated solution that combines Microsoft’s Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 with the smaller firm’s Intelligent Application Gateway product.

Whale’s products are designed to reinforce the functionality of enterprise applications and software infrastructure by managing access and enabling a flexible balance between security and functionality.

The deal will provide a solution that delivers support for IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, endpoint security and application security components in a single secure appliance, according to a statement by the two companies.

“We’ve been focused on providing secure access to Exchange, but there are other applications that need security,” said Roger Pilc, CEO of Fort Lee, N.J.-based Whale. The company will begin shipping the bundled systems by the end of the year, Pilc added. Whale’s offering starts at $15,000.

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