June 2007 - Partner Paychecks: RCP's First Salary Survey

In this issue: Find out how much your fellow Microsoft partners make, and lots of other important details, in Redmond Channel Partner's first-ever salary survey -- our June cover story. Also, get a sneak peak at what will happen at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference coming up fast in July. Hone your golf and networking skills. Find out about the government IT market in new series on vertical market segments. Use Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to migrate from a Lotus Notes e-mail system, and much more.


Vertical Markets: Pursuing the Public Sector

By Rich Freeman

From the White House to town hall, government is big business. Here's a guide to the top IT opportunities and how to get in on them.

Sinking a Putt -- and Landing a Deal

By Anne Stuart

For many partners, playing golf is an essential element for building relationships and closing deals. For others, the game is a nuisance. And for a few, it's, well, a handicap. Here's how to decide whether and when to hit the links.

It's the Networking, Stupid

By Scott Bekker

A sneak peek at the upcoming Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver, the channel's biggest networking opportunity of the year.

Partner Paychecks

By Lee Pender

In Redmond Channel Partner's first-ever salary survey, we look at how much you're getting paid -- and are paying yourselves -- and answer some questions you might have been afraid to ask.

Close the Deal on Lotus Migrations

By Ted Dinsmore

With every Exchange release, Microsoft touts the opportunity for Lotus conversions. Now that SharePoint is in the mix, partners see more potential than ever before.