June 2006 - Best Buy's Small Business Offensive

Plus: Specializing on Microsoft Dynamics, going for the Gold Partner status, and ruminations on Virtual Server 2005 R2


Best Buy's Small Business Offensive

By Scott Bekker

In a move that's making some Microsoft partners jittery, the retail giant plans to double the number of stores targeting SMBs this year.

Going for the Gold

By Rich Freeman

Partners say that making the jump from Certified to Gold Certified is worth the effort -- but not necessarily for the reasons that Microsoft emphasizes.

Getting Serious about ERP

By Lee Pender and Vicki Powers

Microsoft has finally put together a strategy for its Dynamics business applications and is pumping major resources into the product line. Partners need to be ready for what's coming.

One Hat or Many?

By Ted Dinsmore

Can your IT services company be a generalist and a specialist?