Windows 10

Microsoft Launches 'New Era' with Broad Availability of Windows 10

The Microsoft client operating system enters a "new era" Wednesday with broad availability of Windows 10.

At Microsoft's Stores, a Lukewarm Welcome for Windows 10

Microsoft held its biggest launch event for an operating system two decades ago. Computer and electronics stores all over the world opened at midnight to mark the release of Windows 95, the desktop OS that ushered in the mainstream PC era.

Windows 10 Will Get Microsoft Support for the Usual 10 Years

Windows 10 will lose mainstream support on on Oct. 13, 2020, and extended support five years later on Oct. 14, 2025.

Microsoft Readies Marketing Blitz for Windows 10 Launch

Microsoft is investing significant marketing resources on Windows 10's July 29 launch.

Gartner: Windows 10 Won't Boost PC Market in 2015

Spending on computing devices is expected to decline by nearly 6 percent this year, and the upcoming release of Windows 10 isn't likely to offer any relief.

Microsoft Reveals More Details About Windows 10 Editions

Microsoft on Thursday shared more information about the upcoming Windows 10 release, including which editions will get which features.

Latest Windows 10 Mobile Test Build Makes 'Edge' Browser Official

Microsoft recently released build 10149 of the Windows 10 Mobile technical preview, replacing the old "Spartan"-branded browser with the new "Edge" name.

Survey: 70 Percent of Orgs Planning Windows 10 Move Within 2 Years

Enterprises aren't exactly champing at the bit to move to Windows 10, but many are considering making the switch earlier than expected, according to one industry survey.

Microsoft Outlines Windows 10 Upgrade Process for Testers

Windows Insider participants can keep their membership in the test program even after Windows 10's commercial release on July 29 -- with a catch.

Windows 10 Update Model May Put Orgs Under Deadline

Microsoft's proposed update model for Windows 10 could mean organizations must install OS updates within a certain period of time, or risk not getting future security updates.

Survey: Most Orgs Will Delay Windows 10 Upgrades for 6 Months

A recent survey by Microsoft solution provider Adaptiva indicates that the vast majority of enterprises will wait at least six months to begin deploying Windows 10.

Top 10 Microsoft Products of 2015, Rated by Partners

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Cloud products like Azure and Office 365 are on the rise, but several on-premises stalwarts are holding their ground.

Reports: Windows 10's Edge Browser Won't Be Available for Some Orgs

Microsoft's new Edge browser, which will run alongside Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10, will not be available to organizations on the "long-term servicing branch" option for maintaining Windows 10, according to multiple reports.

Microsoft's Surface Hub To Ship in Fall with $7K Minimum Price Tag

The Surface Hub, Microsoft's large-screen interactive conferencing technology that was first unveiled in January, will begin shipping in September, Microsoft said on Wednesday.

Microsoft Reveals Retail Prices of Windows 10 Consumer Editions

Microsoft on Monday gave a breakdown of Windows 10's estimated retail prices.