Microsoft Releases VDI 'Starter Kit' as Preview

Microsoft on Wednesday released a preview version of a new tool, dubbed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Starter Kit 1.0, which lets organizations test VDI scenarios using Remote Desktop Services (RDS) protocol.

How Microsoft Licensing Is Throttling Desktop as a Service

SMBs are ready for Microsoft to let DaaS out of the box now, but Microsoft licensing policies are holding the market back, argues VDI consultant Michael Fraser.

Google, VMware Partner To Bring Windows Apps to Chromebooks

Google and VMware this week announced a VDI deal in which Google's Chromebook laptops will be enabled to run Windows desktops and Windows apps.

Dell, Microsoft Showcase Windows Server VDI Progress

Microsoft this week took part in the Dell World event to lay out various virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) capabilities enabled by Windows Server 2012 R2.

Microsoft Launches Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager Preview

Microsoft's Windows Azure-based disaster recovery solution for private clouds is now available as a limited public preview.

Microsoft Ups the Ante on Hyper-V Migration Speeds

As a follow-up to a demo at TechEd, Microsoft Principal Program Manager Jeff Woolsey showed attendees at WPC just how much the latest release of Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor can speed up live migrations.

Microsoft Expands Windows Azure Remote Desktop Use Rights

Service providers will now be able to use Remote Desktop Services (RDS) on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud as part of their service offerings.

WPC: Dell Readies Version 6 of Dell Wyse WSM, Adds Server Provisioning

The next version of the Dell Wyse WSM desktop and application virtualization software will become available on July 22 via Dell's channel partners.

Windows Sever 2012 R2 Coming with Hyper-V Improvements

Microsoft detailed the new Hyper-V improvements to come with Windows Server 2012 R2 during a presentation at last week's TechEd event.

Details Emerge of Microsoft's Rumored 'Mohoro' DaaS Effort

Press accounts suggest Microsoft is readying a Windows desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) project, rumored to go by the code name "Mohoro," that will run from Windows Azure.

Windows Azure IaaS Hits GA, Pitting Microsoft Against Amazon

In a move that effectively positions itself against Amazon Web Services, Microsoft on Tuesday announced the general availability of new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings on Windows Azure.

Report: Orgs Losing Interest in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Less than 10 percent of of IT decision-makers in North America and Europe plan to implement virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments, according to a recent report by Forrester Research.

VMware Revamps Partner Competency Program, Launches 'Cloud Credits'

VMware has overhauled its Partner Competency program, as well as added new revenue-generating incentives for solution providers selling cloud services, the company announced at this week's VMware Partner Exchange Conference in Las Vegas.

VMware To Lay Off up to 900 Despite Positive Earnings Report

Despite reporting rising revenues in its latest earnings report, cloud and virtualization giant VMware announced on Monday that it would be implementing companywide layoffs.

Office 365, SharePoint and SQL Server: Our Experts Weigh In

At the first Live! 360 conference, top experts will dive into an array of hot IT topics. Get a sneak preview here, as key presenters share their expertise with Redmond Channel Partner.

VMware Snags CFO of Microsoft's Skype Division

VMware Inc. named Jonathan Chadwick its new chief financial officer during its quarterly earnings call on Tuesday.

Possible Microsoft EA Renewal Price Hikes Back in Spotlight

Consulting firm Software Licensing Advisors is once again reporting that organizations may face "stealth" price increases when they renew their Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EAs).

Windows Server 2012: The 24 Things Microsoft Partners Should Know

With an all-new model of computing, the next version of the Microsoft flagship server OS comes with new editions, licensing, product dependencies, features and partner opportunities.

F5 Collaborating with Microsoft on Network Virtualization Gateway

Microsoft Hyper-V partner F5 Networks on Monday announced a forthcoming network virtualization product designed to move virtual machines (VMs) from traditional datacenters to those based on Windows Server 2012, while preserving management controls.

From VMware to Hyper-V: Microsoft Partners Should Take a People-First Approach

Microsoft is taking an in-your-face approach to convert VMware shops to Hyper-V. When it comes to implementing a migration, though, a partner and customer say it's critical to a successful project to take time with the VMware experts on the customer's IT staff. Making sure they understand how their expertise is still valid and important makes the project go much better.