Small Business Server (SBS)

SBS 2003: Your Small Business Operating System

As part of the June cover feature, "4 Dirt-Cheap Workgroup Servers," Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 might interest those small and medium businesses.

Backing Up Small Business Server

As part of the June cover feature, "4 Dirt-Cheap Workgroup Servers," Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 also comes with a Backup Configuration Wizard. Here are two add-on products that offer help.

Managing User Profiles Your Way

Better methods for managing user profiles en masse. Plus, an SBS problem.

Minding the E-Mail

Legal issues aside, here's one way to audit Exchange 5.5 user mailbox usage on the down-low.

Giving Them the (Small) Business

Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 is a big leap forward for security.

A Wing and a Prayer

Build a server-based network—including a Web site and e-mail—from scratch for $2,000? For this consultant, that required resourcefulness and some “outside” help.

Messaging in a Bottle

Mission-Critical Microsoft Exchange 2000 is a must-have for new installs and offers invaluable insight for those who've already done the deed.

Vol 1-10: Small Business Best Practices newsletter

Small Business Server 2000 Service Pack 1 Ships; Channel Rebate Update; more...

Vol 1-9: Small Business Best Practices

Microsoft Releases 8-hour Small Business Server E-learning course

Vol 1-8: Small Business Best Practices

Here Comes IBM Big Time in SMB!

Small Business Best Practices Volume 1, Issue 7

A third-party newsletter featuring small business networking news on Microsoft Small Business Server, bCentral and Windows XP peer-to-peer solutions.

Certified Mail: May 2002

Blocking e-mail attachments, boot camp training, and MCSA early achievers.

The Next 10 Years

Just what does the ol' crystal ball say about the next decade?

Microsoft Releases Web Services Security Spec

IBM and VeriSign to join Microsoft in developing specifications.

88 High-Voltage Tips (continued...)

Become the network master of all your domains. This ultimate guide spells out new, smart ways to upgrade systems, set up services, monitor traffic, install applications and more— better, faster, cheaper.

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