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Microsoft Expands Fluid Framework Preview Among Other Office 365 Improvements

Microsoft recently announced a raft of Office 365 improvements, including a much-expanded Fluid Framework preview program.

Amid Outcry, Microsoft Amends Plan To Push Bing on Office 365 ProPlus

In response to "your feedback," Microsoft has changed course from its plan to deliver an extension to Office 365 ProPlus users that would switch their browser search engines to Bing.

Microsoft Aims To Remake Secure Score into 'Killer' App for Orgs

An upcoming preview release of Microsoft Secure Score promises to bring changes to the security assessment product that will make it more meaningful for organizations.

NSA Warns of Cloud Misconfigurations in Wake of Microsoft's Azure Error

A new report from the NSA identifies what the agency considers the top cloud security issue plaguing organizations: misconfigured privacy settings.

Microsoft Issues Preview of Azure Backup Explorer

Microsoft's Backup Explorer tool for Azure, which is designed to monitor backups across an organization's "estate," is now available as a preview.

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2X Plans Reportedly Hit a Wall

Originally planned for release this year, Microsoft's Surface Hub 2X conferencing devices may be on an indefinite hold, according to a report.

IE 10 Support Deadline Looms for Some Windows Platforms

Support for the Internet Explorer 10 browser on both Windows Server 2012 and Windows Embedded 8 Standard is poised to end on Feb. 11, 2020.

Group Pushes for Windows 7's Second Life as Free Software

An industry group is urging Microsoft to release its proprietary Windows 7 code as free software.

Azure Misconfiguration Exposes 250 Million Microsoft Customer Accounts

Microsoft warned users that their customer support case information may have been exposed at the end of 2019 due to security misconfigurations in an Azure-hosted database.

Microsoft Offers Resources for Orgs Stuck on Windows Server 2008

For organizations that still haven't transitioned away from Windows Server 2008, which lost support on Jan. 14, Microsoft is extending some help.

Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Hits a Release Milestone

The first "stable" release of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser is now commercially available, Microsoft announced on Wednesday.

Microsoft Commits $1 Billion to Going 'Carbon Negative' in 10 Years

Microsoft is aiming to become "carbon negative" by 2030 thanks to a companywide carbon-reduction initiative it announced on Thursday.

In a Post-Windows 7 World, Orgs Learn To Navigate Windows 10

The 10-year-old Windows 7 operating system fell out of support this week on Jan. 14, 2020, marking the end of an era.

Report: Microsoft Planning To Axe Microsoft Store for Business

According to a Friday media report, the Microsoft Store for Business, formerly known as the "Windows Store for Business," is on the software deprecation chopping block.

Microsoft Readies Office 365 Improvements Aimed at Firstline Workers

Microsoft announced some upcoming Office 365 enhancements, many designed to support so-called "firstline workers," at the NRF 2020 event for retailers this week.

Microsoft Launches Preview of Office 365's Fluid Framework

Office 365 tenancies with access to early update releases are beginning to receive an "early preview" of Microsoft's Fluid Framework for Office 365.

End-of-Support Scramble for Many Microsoft Business Products

Businesses running Microsoft's business software are facing all sorts of end-of-support deadlines at the start of 2020.

Report: 'Digital Transformation' Prompting Evolution in IT Roles

Employment is shifting away from typical IT maintenance support jobs as organizations look more toward carrying out so-called "digital transformation" objectives.

Microsoft Invites Orgs To 'Project Cortex' Preview, With Some Catches

Organizations wanting to participate in a private preview of Project Cortex can now check their qualifications against Microsoft's rather strict participation criteria.

Windows 7 Extended Security Updates Confusion: A Microsoft CSP Explains

Microsoft CSP MessageOps recently tried to answer some of the most pressing questions facing organizations concerning the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates program.