Microsoft's Partner Program: Buffet or A La Carte?

People Ready, indeed. Microsoft's Partner Program should follow suit, with offerings that make it Partner Ready.

Industry Builder Tells You a Lot About Microsoft

While the program isn't scalable, its structure exemplifies Microsoft's preferred partner role.

What I Learned at MS101 for Partners

At MS101, partners get a glimpse behind the Redmond curtain.

Profiting from Microsoft's Profitability

Microsoft's goals are to make partners profitable. How do you intend to make sure it meets that goal?

Partners: The New Distribution Vehicle

Microsoft's partner program, now 380,000 companies strong, might have more to do with the company's success than even Microsoft initially imagined.

Bringing Live to Life for Partners

How will Windows Live translate to new business for partners? We'll have to wait for an answer.

Mind the Gap

Does your business fill a niche where Microsoft doesn't play now? It may not be the case for too long.

Darwin and Intelligent (Software) Design

Is Microsoft software always the wisest choice to guarantee a project's survival?

Striking the Balance in Partnership

Recognizing those "whoa" moments and those "vive la différence" between you and other Microsoft partners that you work and/or compete with.

The Dog Ate My License

Imagine that! Microsoft doesn't eat its own dogfood.

Flying Low with Microsoft

Important deals can be made with even low-level reps of Microsoft.

You're in Charge, So Charge

Partners should take advantage of Microsoft's highly rated partner program.

The Opportunity Cost of the Microsoft Defense

A lesson can be learned from Microsoft's strategy to squeeze the competition out of markets until it's the only one left standing.

Turning Freeloaders into Business Partners

Certified and Gold Certified Partners are still lacking in numbers.

Crashing the Channel Party

Whether online or in person, Microsoft's partner program is always jumpin'.