Ready, Set ... Wait and See

Services Ready is a good idea, but it won't work in the long run unless Microsoft gets over it's paralyzing paranoia.

Microsoft: From Complacence to Competition

When Microsoft does indeed rally around a competitive opportunity, the results can be startling.

Social Networking and the Revolution

Despite the risks of social networking, it's not surprising that Microsoft would want to join in.

The Browser vs. the Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 7's immediate success looks guaranteed. After that, the future of the OS is doubtful.

Watering the Partner Ecosystem

A lot of partners are feeling parched these days, but there's a storm on the horizon that may send rain their way.

Microsoft Chases the Discount Bandwagon

In this economy, we're relying on quick, easy gimmicks to keep the money moving. Aggressive discounts are what's working for Microsoft.

Big Cheese in Small Markets

When big customers cut back, where does Microsoft go for growth? Hint: think small.

Marketing: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Partners are increasingly going to be on their own when it comes to marketing, with fewer SoftBucks to grease the marketing skids.

No Rhythm to the Rain

Redmond has been warning and preparing for a difficult financial year. Smart partners should listen up and do likewise.

Putting the Squeeze on LARs

LARs may become a rarity, as Microsoft proposes changes to limit the earning power of those LARs focused on license-only sales.

Learning from History

Microsoft is cleverly undermining Apple's "I'm a PC" tagline -- a harbinger of humiliation -- by turning it into a positive affirmation.

Where Does Microsoft Want to Go Today?

Microsoft's roadmap for partners and customers continues to be muddled with too many goals and no defined direction.

Playing the Deployment Card

Microsoft aims to have partners making more strategic software deployments a priority in the next year.

Recognizing Net Reality

Hosting partners live on the edge as Microsoft plays in their cloud.

Optimize IT, Optimize Sales

Microsoft's Infrastructure Optimization strategies makes for better IT, and the practices can be applied to better sales.