Cloud Computing

NSA Testimony: Microsoft, Others Knew of Government Surveillance

An attorney for the U.S. National Security Agency said that contrary to their denials, service providers, including Microsoft, knew of the NSA's broad access to customer data.

Google Courting Cloud Apps Users with Referral Program Launch

Google on Monday kicked off a referral program to promote its Google Apps for Business product in U.S. and Canadian markets.

How Microsoft Licensing Is Throttling Desktop as a Service

SMBs are ready for Microsoft to let DaaS out of the box now, but Microsoft licensing policies are holding the market back, argues VDI consultant Michael Fraser.

Microsoft To Offer OneDrive for Business as Standalone Service

Microsoft will release its OneDrive for Business product, formerly named SkyDrive Pro, as a standalone service in April.

iOS Users Get First Crack at OneDrive for Business

Microsoft on Thursday gave a few details about OneDrive for Business, the company's business-grade document storage service based on SharePoint Online technology.

Microsoft Updates Windows Azure with Management Improvements

Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Vice President Scott Guthrie outlined several new Windows Azure management improvements in a blog post last week.

Microsoft Officially Launches OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft on Wednesday officially transitioned its SkyDrive cloud storage to the new OneDrive, though Windows 8 users will have to wait a bit longer to access the rebranded service.

Office 365 Gets Multifactor Authentication at No Cost

Microsoft this week added free multifactor authentication support to its standalone Office 365 plans, as well as to the Midsize Business, Enterprise, Academic and Nonprofit Office 365 plans.

Nadella To Set Microsoft's Course Toward Mobile and Cloud

Microsoft is on a "mobile first/cloud first" trajectory, said newly appointed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a speech Tuesday.

Microsoft Adds HPC Boost to Windows Azure, Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft's Windows Azure Cloud Services and Windows Server 2012 R2 products are getting several high-performance computing (HPC) enhancements this month.

Microsoft To Give Cloud Users Option To Store Data Abroad

In response to customer concerns over government surveillance programs, Microsoft is planning to give cloud customers outside the United States the option to store their data in offshore datacenters.

Microsoft Details Windows Intune Update Coming Next Week

An update to Microsoft's Windows Intune cloud-based device management service will begin rolling out to subscribers sometime next week, Microsoft said Wednesday.

Microsoft Changing SkyDrive Name to 'OneDrive'

As part of the terms of its settlement with the British Sky Broadcasting Group over a trademark infringement dispute, Microsoft said on Monday it is finally renaming its SkyDrive cloud storage service.

Microsoft Slashes Windows Azure Pricing To Match Amazon

In an effort to match prices set by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft said last week it will lower the cost of Windows Azure storage.

Microsoft Tweaks Windows Azure with Publishing, Monitoring Improvements

Microsoft recently added some monitoring improvements, including new alerts, to its cloud-based Windows Azure services.

Microsoft Releases Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager Service

Microsoft's Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager (HRM) disaster recovery service is now generally available.

Windows Azure Georedundant Storage Option Hits Preview

Microsoft last week released a "limited preview" trial version of a new georedundant option for the Windows Azure Storage service.

SharePoint's Path to the Cloud Is Not a Straight Shot

Few dispute that SharePoint in the cloud is the future. The challenge for partners and customers is determining the best path to get there.

Microsoft Releases Windows Azure BizTalk Services, Other Offerings

Microsoft recently beefed up its Windows Azure offerings, making some services generally available and others available as "previews."

Reports: Microsoft Cloud Services Hit by Widespread Outage

Microsoft's Windows Azure, Office 365 and services suffered outages on Thursday, according to reports.