Channel Watch

Give BPOS a Chance

Bullish on the cloud, and bullish on Microsoft's prospects to be a major cloud player with a vibrant ecosystem of cloud partners.

MPN: Where Do You Want To Go Today?

It's time to get serious about the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

Gathering Clouds: Microsoft Has a Lot up There, What's Next?

In our three main features this month, we're looking at three different ways Microsoft is bringing its traditional products to the cloud.

Microsoft Gets Its Mojo Back

Redmond's new cloud focus is a next-gen approach. And the food at WPC was great. (For how these two items are related, read on.)

RCP: The First 5 Years

Five years ago this month, we launched our first issue of Redmond Channel Partner magazine. The goal then, as it is now, was to be an independent voice of the Microsoft partner community with a mission of driving partner success.

Tough Task on Tablets

When I think of Microsoft and the tablet market, I think of a line from the 2004 David Mamet movie "Spartan" -- "You had your whole life to prepare for this moment. Why aren't you ready?"

No Quick Bounceback in SMB Spending

If you're finding that technology sales out there in small to midsize business (SMB) land are tough to come by, you're not alone.

Looking out for the Little Server

Microsoft's focus on cloud computing helps out the big guys. So, will SMB customers continue to be heard?

Azure's Silent Debut

There were a couple of factors that led Microsoft to soft pedal what should have been a huge moment.

Trust in the Cloud

Partners inevitably put their credibility on the line when cloud offerings go offline.

Get Market Development Funds While the Getting's Good

Since Windows 7 launched, Microsoft has resuscitated two well-received partner funding programs: The Big Easy and the HP/Microsoft Frontline Partnership.

Dissecting the Dell Deal

Time to play that favorite channel parlor game: Can Dell be trusted?

Shedding a Light on the SaaS Trail

Despite uncertain prospects, a few partners are already investing in some of Microsoft's SaaS- and cloud-based initiatives.

Partners: In This Life, You're on Your Own

Microsoft may hope its partners survive the economy, but it's not willing to sacrifice a lot of its own cash to make that happen.

Ballmer's Annual Partner Pep Talk Isn't About Specifics

Ballmer talks about the resetting of the Microsoft Partner program and gives a small dig to Google in the process.