Channel Watch

Two Years After Snowden, Microsoft Enlists Partners in Trust Fight

This summer, Microsoft gave its first substantial partner-focused response to the PRISM leaks of 2013.

A Decade of WPCs: Microsoft, 10 Years On

It's been 10 years since Redmond Channel Partner magazine launched at the 2005 Worldwide Partner Conference. Microsoft looked a lot different back then.

Microsoft Product Power Ratings: Build and Ignite Edition

The first five months of 2015 have been marked by nonstop product news from Microsoft, culminating in a pair of back-to-back major conferences. In taking stock of all the announcements, RCP finds that some products have fared better than others.

A Brave New World of Partner Billing in the Cloud

There are now almost as many ways to bill for the cloud services that partners deliver to customers as there are cloud services.

Getting To Know Microsoft Cortana

What Microsoft's voice-activated technology currently lacks in polish, it definitely makes up for in personality.

The Case for Bringing Your Own Encryption to Microsoft's Cloud

The public cloud and third-party encryption offerings from Microsoft provide partners a key opportunity to do their customers a real service.

Office 365 'Delve': Is This Anything?

Like a few of Microsoft's newer technologies, Delve will either change the way we work for the better -- or be a scrambled mess.

Microsoft Positions Azure as the Hyper-Scale Cloud To Beat

Microsoft is making major strides against Amazon and Google under the flag of "cloud first."

Five Big Themes To Watch at WPC 2014

From Satya Nadella's first WPC as Microsoft CEO to Kevin Turner's annual kick-in-the-pants keynote, here's what we're looking out for during this year's conference.

Is the Tablet Moment Over?

The writing might be on the wall for the tablet market, with global shipments now slowing significantly from their jackrabbit start.

The New Microsoft Board: A Spectator's Guide

A few months into the new era in Redmond under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft's board could be gearing up for some serious conflict.

Microsoft's Communication Failure on Office 365 Payment Cuts

A little more warning would've been nice.

34 Billion Reasons Microsoft's Next CEO Will Stay the Course

It doesn't matter who succeeds Steve Ballmer; Microsoft has thrown too much money at his "Devices and Services" vision to abandon it with the changing of the guard.

On the Theme of Executive Change in Microsoft

The upper levels of Microsoft's org chart have been a hive of activity in recent months, from CEO Steve Ballmer's retirement announcement to an executive shakeup in the channel group. RCP's October issue goes behind the changes -- what they are, and what they mean for partners.

Microsoft's Surface Drama Continues with Shareholder Lawsuit

The RT version of Microsoft's tablet device has faced an uphill battle almost from the start. And now, it's drawn the ire of investors.