Channel Call

Make the Most of Your WPC Experience

It's the mother-of-all-networking-events and you'll need a good strategy to make the event pay off for your own business.

SharePoint Joins the Microsoft Pantheon

SharePoint's sales now put it alongside Office and Windows in any discussion having to do with Microsoft's technology and sales successes.


With research confirming the value of P2P activity, Microsoft focuses on ways to help its partners join forces with each other.

Add Vendor Relationships to Your Mid-Year Review

The Magic Ingredient: Executive Commitment

Getting partner-company executives in the mix will be essential to your success.

Marketing Expectations: It Takes Two to Tango

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your vendor partnerships

Picking a Partner is Like Buying a Car

Kick the tires, so to speak, before you jump into your next vendor and technology partnerships.

Making the Partner-Vendor Marriage Last

Guidelines for a prosperous partnership that can last, well, 'til death do you part.