Channel Watch

N-Able and LPI Deals Signal an MSP Milestone

Besides shaking up the RMM landscape, the acquisitions -- just weeks apart -- are a sign that IT heavyweights are starting to pay closer attention to the MSP market.

Is the 'Peak PC' Period Over for Microsoft?

The PC market isn't the stronghold it used to be for Microsoft, but its current stumbles don't necessarily mean a long-term decline, according to one analyst.

Windows Phone 8 Device Impressions: Nokia Lumia 822

Scott finds that there are pros and cons to being a Lumia 822 user -- but it's mostly pros.

Microsoft Sends a Message After Bamital Messes with Bing

In the last three years, Microsoft has been involved in six botnet takedowns. This one, though, seems more personal.

Introducing the RCP/Rocket Award for IT Services Companies

Is your IT services firm's recent history a great growth story? Redmond Channel Partner and consultancy Revenue Rocket want to hear about it for the first-ever Excellence in Growth Award.

Sinofsky's Exit Not About Windows 8

A key figure in several of Microsoft's biggest product releases in recent years, Steven Sinofsky has left the building. But that doesn't mean he won't be back.

Reading Between the Lines of Microsoft's Surface Pricing

Microsoft launched the Surface RT tablet with a price tag that failed to impress. Surely, there's a reason for that.

Is Microsoft's 'Big Year' Big Enough?

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows Server 2012 are making this a landmark year for Microsoft, but there's a chance that Redmond has waited too long.

What About Windows RT?

Windows 8 has taken the lion's share of the spotlight, but Windows RT still has big implications for Microsoft partners.

What Microsoft's About-Face on Office 365 Billing Means

Despite snubbing its OEMs with the Surface, Microsoft's decision to allow direct billing with Office 365 shows that Redmond still has its partners' back.

Channel Execs on Partners: 'They're Not All Going To Make It'

A recent CompTIA survey reveals some juicy insights into what's bugging channel executives about their partner ecosystems.

WPC 2012 Session Agenda: Heavy on the Cloud

If the initial session list is any indication, Microsoft is stacking its forthcoming Worldwide Partner Conference with lots of Windows Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM content. But its staple products will get their turns in the spotlight, too.

Microsoft's Small Business Competency Gets Real

At long last, small business-focused partners will have their own competency in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) next month.

Memo to Microsoft: Allow a Cleaner Hosted Desktop

An important licensing battle between Microsoft and gaming company OnLive over an app that gives users remote access to a Windows 7 desktop exposes a fault line running through Microsoft's products, business models and its hosting partners.

Microsoft-Yahoo, Microsoft-Nokia: Will They Ever Pay Off?

Microsoft is currently paired with some big partners, with big risks. With Yahoo in the midst of an executive upheaval and Windows Phone still trailing badly in the smartphone race, can these partnerships yield the results Microsoft is looking for?