Channel Call

2012: The Year of Cloud Acceleration

All this cloud hype will finally come to a head next year. Here's what your business needs to do to get ready.

The ABCs of a Productive Channel

This isn't rocket science. Lay out a plan by week, by month, by quarter and by year for all of your communications and then execute that plan.

Starting a New Cloud Service? Get Back to Basics

From a basics perspective, you should have documents that outline your value proposition, pricing and why a reseller should join your program, as well as contractual agreements.

9 Ways To Measure Your Company's Cloud Success

The transition to the cloud is a huge challenge for most business models. Here are nine key performance indicators for tracking your company's cloud progress.

For Microsoft Partners, the Focus Is Performance

It's one thing to be productive, but if your productivity comes at a high cost, you lose. Therefore, it's important to be efficient, too.

Channel Metrics Most Microsoft Partners Ignore

Traditionally, businesses monitor things like revenue, leads and phone calls made. All are important items to measure...but they only tell part of the story.

Microsoft Resellers: Cracking the Demand-Generation Code

The Microsoft reseller that can implement a process and system to develop opportunities on its own will always win in the marketplace.

Partner Relationship Management: The Four C's, Productivity and You

The more efficient your PRM plan is, the more efficient and productive you'll be.

Getting Enablement in Gear

Enablement might sound like training, but it provides for a more proactive approach focused on solution selling.

Channel Growing Pains for ISVs

The lower startup and maintenance costs, quicker ROI and increased productivity of the cloud, particularly with Windows Azure, may greatly expand the number of ISVs seeking to build their own channels.

It's Not All Wreckage in the 2010 Rearview

I've spoken to a lot of resellers and ISVs over the past several weeks and a good number of you can't wait until 2011.

Marketing in a Cloudy 2011

The coming year brings some novel challenges for resellers who are in the midst of planning.

Leveraging the MPN for Cloud Channels

Partners who are "in the cloud" can get specific help with sales, services and marketing.

4 Steps to Better Cloud Sales

Simply put, if you create a cool product and want to deliver it via the cloud, you need to create your own channel.

Charting Cloud Channels

As you heard at the Partner Conference, Microsoft's partner program is headed toward the cloud. Here's your first steps to not being left behind.