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Both Sides

5 Things the Cloud Changes for Microsoft Partners

You may have noticed Microsoft (and other cloud providers) usurping traditional partner services like migration. Get used to it.

6 Things the Cloud Doesn't Change for Microsoft Partners

Cloud computing may be the poster child of disruptive technology, but there are a few business tenets that are simply impervious to change.

After Missteps, Microsoft Gets Its Cloud Partner Messaging Right

Microsoft turned off many partners last year when it flubbed the announcement of its Office 365 onboarding plans. This year, the messaging has been decidedly more partner-friendly.

Under Nadella, Microsoft Sheds Its Predictability

From its uncharacteristic embrace of third-party platforms to its rapid delivery of new cloud services, Microsoft has been steadily shedding its reputation as a slow-moving behemoth.

What To Expect in Microsoft's Fiscal '16: Focus on Cloud

How to navigate Microsoft's shifting attitudes toward the cloud in the coming fiscal year.

For Microsoft's Cloud Partners, 'Consumption' Is the Order of the Day

It's not enough for partners to drive sales of Microsoft's cloud; now, they're being asked to drive cloud workloads.

How To Speak Microsoft: Use These Acronyms

A brief glossary of the two-, three- and four-letter terms that Microsoft loves and partners should know.

The Care and Feeding of Partner-to-Partner Relationships

Forging and nurturing a relationship with another Microsoft partner takes a lot of hard work. Here are 10 tips to help you turn that relationship into a reliable revenue driver -- for you, your partner and Microsoft.

Partnering with Microsoft in the Nadella Era: What's Changed?

Between the end of stack ranking and the emergence of faster release cycles, partners are contending with a much different Microsoft than the one under Ballmer.

Microsoft Partners: Get Used to Dodging a Drunk Dinosaur

A few of Microsoft's recent moves have the company lumbering right onto partners' territory.

Which Way Is the Wind Blowing at Microsoft?

Successful partners find ways to align their practices with Microsoft's goals. Finding out what those goals are doesn't have to be tricky, as long as you know what questions to ask.

How To Not Waste Your Time at WPC 2014

For partners that don't come prepared, Microsoft's annual Worldwide Partner Conference can be overwhelming and unrewarding. Our former Microsoft field rep gives a few guidelines for how to make the most of your time at WPC.

Behind the Curtain at Microsoft: Three Things You Should Know

Our former Microsoft field rep shares some insights about how Microsoft operates and what's behind the company's attitudes toward its partners and employees.

What Gaps Does Microsoft Want Partners To Fill?

Understanding Microsoft's scorecard system is one way to figure out what partner deals Microsoft's sales reps currently value the most.

How To Motivate Microsoft To Close Your Opportunities

A quick primer on how Microsoft's field salespeople are compensated -- and how you can make that knowledge work for you as a partner.