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10 Memorable Event Follow-Ups

Now that we're in the full swing of spring event season -- conferences, trade shows and prospecting events -- do you have your follow-up plans in place? Memorable follow-through with the connections that you initiate during events can make the difference between long-term impact and wasted effort.

Once your customers or potential partners get back to work, with a million issues fighting for their attention, keeping your message top-of-mind requires a systematic approach. Work with your sales team to review the contact list and determine the most appropriate follow-up for each one. Your next steps should match their stage in the buying process.

Simplify the Sharing
People attending events are looking for options to solve a problem or improve a process. They are likely collecting information to share with others back at the office. Think about follow-ups that will simplify their task -- information that they can forward to their team.

1. Blog Post with Recap of Highlights: Or better yet, send the link to a series of blog posts that will serve as a continuing source of information for the evaluation team.

2. An Infographic: Give your prospect a high-level summary explaining the benefits of your solution through an educational infographic. 

3. The Presentation: Create an annotated version of the PowerPoint presentation that your prospect can forward to the rest of the team.

4. Video of the Event: Send the link to a video with the highlights of the event. Keep it short and focus on a few primary messages.

Help Them Progress Through the Buying Process
For many of your prospects, they are further along in the evaluation process and need more than the collateral they picked up at the event. Offer them content to support an informed decision.

5. A Whitepaper or E-Book: As you build your content library, keep the buying process in mind to support your prospects every step of the way.

6. Case Study: Prospects are looking for validation that you have provided effective solutions for organizations like theirs. A case study focused on their industry will be especially helpful.

7. Invitation to Webinar or Demo: Offer to walk through the solution with their entire team.

8. Series of Articles: While you hope that your prospects will visit your blog, make it simple and deliver a series of educational articles that they can share with the team. 

Build the Personal Connection
People do business with people they like. The folks that you genuinely connected with at the event will appreciate a personal touch in addition to the educational support.

9. A Handwritten Note: There is just no replacement for the personal touch of a handwritten "thank you" note.

10. Flowers: Spread a little spring cheer to winter-weary offices.

Partnering Connections
For the connections that you make with potential partners, send a personal e-mail with specific next steps. Standardized, broadcast e-mails send the message that you're interested in a one-way partnership, not in finding the win-win that delivers real value to both parties. 

Once you have completed holding or attending an event, it's tempting to take a deep breath and relax. But an event should be the beginning, not the end. Follow-through should be thoughtful and matched to the interests of each person who spent their valuable time listening or talking to you. Keep your solution top-of-mind with memorable follow-ups.

How do you follow-up with prospects? Add a comment below or send me an e-mail and let's share the knowledge.

Posted by Barb Levisay on March 19, 2014