Partner Advocate

Watching the Foundations

Microsoft is losing market share on a few franchise products almost as aggressively as it gained that share in the 1990s.

Finding a Niche in SaaS

Microsoft Partner Program members tell us that they struggle to figure out how to shoehorn Software as a Service into existing business models.

There Will Be Conflict

In a mirror of the hot political debates, Microsoft struggles to drive home distinct messages to customers and partners, employees and investors.

A Marriage Made in the Midmarket

Essential Business Server makes its debut in the wake of the Windows 2008 launch wave. Watch the sales roll in.

Dell Goes Indirect

All eyes are on Round Rock as the computer seller changes direction and makes a visibly stronger channel play.

11 Deals that Changed the Channel in 2007

Channel partners saw a lot of upheaval in 2007 among their big vendor partners. Here's a recap of the year's most significant deals.

Money, Politics & Technology

We can't say for certain if there's a correlation between the shaping of technology policy and contributions, but we can tell you how much Microsoft money is being funneled to politicos' coffers.

The Channel and the Credit Crunch

A Disambiguation Page for 'Microsoft Services'

Herewith, a guide to the many services that partners can take advantage of, as defined within the Microsoft parlance.

Ambiguous Adventure: Microsoft and Managed Services

Whether or not partners will be part of Redmond's latest foray remains to be seen.

Are Too Many Partners Striking Gold?

Questions loom as Microsoft hints at changes to Partner Program.

SaaS in the MIX

At the MIX07 conference, Microsoft's Ozzie suggested that "choices for software and service deployment" would arise with the implementation of Microsoft's Software Plus Services plans.

The SMB Feeding Frenzy

It's not small-minded at all for partners to think about the small-to-medium business market.

Channeling Disruption

IDC predicts new developments in the channel that will have you rethinking your approach to partnering in the months and years to come.

Gloom and Doom

Stormclouds loom on the partner horizon.