On Growth

Want Your M&A To Fail? Here's How

Most M&As fall apart in the post-acquisition stage, when management is least likely to expect it.

When Is Growth a Problem for Partners?

The simple truth is that IT services executives have to constantly be looking ahead two and three years.

Microsoft Partners and the 'Adjacency Growth Strategy'

It's when your business expands more than one degree of separation from your core offering that things unravel.

10 Annotated Business Strategy Commandments

Sometimes, crafting a successful business strategy requires less innovation and more of the tried-and-true.

Rising Above a Fragmented Market

When it comes to basic market dynamics, the IT services industry can be characterized in economic parlance as a fragmented industry.

The Right Kind of Exit Strategy

Manage your business as though you're planning to work until retirement or to the day you pass it to your children. Then, you'll know you've developed the perfect exit strategy.

How Much Company Can I Afford To Buy?

The IT M&A market is heating up -- here's the questions you need to answer to be ready for your next possible acquisition.

Get on the AMS Bandwagon

Applications managed services (AMS) has been gaining a lot of traction lately.

A Year for Leadership

The executives who succeed in 2010 will be the ones who make the tough choices that position their companies wisely.