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  • Overcoming the Reasons You Don’t Automate

    MSPs have an uneasy relationship with automation. Some fear it, but successful ones embrace it. Find out why in this white paper.

  • Powering Your Disaster Planning with Remote Power Management

    This paper looks at the causes and real costs of remote equipment lockups, and outlines how organizations can benefit from including remote power managers (IP-addressable PDU) as part of their organization’s IT, communications, and security systems. Learn more.

  • StorageCraft Recover-Ability Solution

    If you’re offering (or planning to offer) your clients disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) you need to think about more than just backup. You need to find a solution that will actually recover systems and data when the inevitable disaster strikes. In this paper authored by Storage Strategies NOW, analysts explain why you need more than data protection in your disaster recovery offering and how the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution can help. Read now!

  • Making Disaster Recovery Easy

    Virtualization, image-based backup, and cloud computing can all lead to fast recovery following a disaster. But there’s something else you can do to help you create bullet-proof DR plans for your clients, and it won’t cost you a dime. Read this white paper now to learn more!

  • Business Health, Patient Health: Five Prescriptions to Stop Healthcare Disasters

    In this new ebook “Business Health, Patient Health: Five Prescriptions to Stop Healthcare Disasters,” four managed service providers who specialize in the healthcare industry offer their recommendations for how to provide successful disaster recovery to doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, and more. Learn more.

  • Building Value in the Market for Managed Services

    What is driving the MSP business model, and how can companies in the MSP market react to and stay head of those drivers? Find out in this white paper from Info-Tech Indaba.

  • Critical Success Factors for In-House NOC and Help Desk Operations

    In this technical white paper, learn why NOC and Help Desk are the keys to surviving and succeeding in the MSP business, and what companies can do to bolster these areas of their infrastructure.

  • Utilizing Next Generation MSP Automation to Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Managed Service Marketplace

    There’s money to be made in the MSP marketplace but not without the right technology investments. Discover more in this technical white paper.

  • Six Fairy Tales About VMware and Hyper-V Backup

    Cinderella. Snow White. VMware host-level backup works well with all deduplication strategies. These famous, and not so famous, fairy tales have one thing in common — they are fiction. In this white paper we explore six fairy tales of VMware and Hyper-V backup. Learn more.

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Backup and Recovery

    This paper outlines the most common missteps that organizations make in setting up disaster recovery or business system continuity plans. We’ll also show you how to implement appropriate protections that will limit the occurrences—and the impact-of the inevitable failures. Learn more.

  • The Windows XP Era’s Coming to an End

    The security and cost concerns associated with the end of support life for Windows XP are real. Download this infographic to see how it could impact your organization if you don't have a migration plan now.

  • How to Start a Profitable Managed Services Business (in 90 Days or Less)

    It is possible to set up and run a profitable managed services business in a relatively short period of time. Here are five things you need to know to get going.

  • PowerShell for Dummies: How to Keep Track of Your Exchange

    PowerShell is a fact of life for Microsoft Exchange administrators, and usually a helpful one. But even the sharpest admins could use some tips and tricks. This technical white paper will reveal to readers basic PowerShell commands for monitoring and troubleshooting Exchange. Learn more.

  • How to Manage Microsoft Exchange CAS Array

    Monitoring and reporting in Exchange can be a huge hassle, but automation can ease the process considerably. In this technical white paper, learn how automating monitoring in Exchange can liberate administrators from painful manual processes. Learn more.

  • How to Manage an Exchange 2010 Database Availability Group Using GSX Monitor & Analyzer

    In this technical white paper, discover how GSX Monitor & Analyzer, which automates monitoring tasks, enables administrators to efficiently monitor the Microsoft Database Availability Group. Learn more.

  • How to Deal with a Perfect Storm of Disruption in the Managed Services Business

    This comprehensive special report is written by Mike Cullen, Senior Vice President of Sales, N-able Technologies. Mike gives you a personal perspective on the challenges facing the Managed Services industry and provides concrete strategies that you can put into action today to survive and thrive through transformational change.

  • Success: Turning Your MSP Strategy On Its Head

    Read this paper and discover how you can cultivate successful and more profitable MSP relationships. Learn more.

  • Partnering in the Cloud: How to Find the Right Vendor

    Cloud technology can be a major revenue driver for partners, but first they have to find the right vendors to provide cloud technology. The process isn’t easy, but it’s important. Find out how to choose a cloud vendor in this white paper. Read now.

  • 5 Reasons Not to Build Your Own: A Better BDR Revenue Model

    This white paper outlines the reasons why an MSP will benefit from partnering with the right BDR vendor vs. attempting to build their own. Learn more and read on.

  • Managing Mobile Devices: The New MSP Opportunity

    Managing mobile devices might be a problem for IT professionals, but that just makes it an opportunity for MSPs. Find out in this white paper how MSPs can profit from helping customers go mobile.

  • BlueWave Computing Realizes Million-Dollar Productivity Gains

    How did BlueWave Computing, an Atlanta-based, MSP save $1million in engineering time and costs in 2012? Find out in this informative case study.

  • 5 Things Every MSP Needs to Know about Mobile as a Managed Service

    How are your clients going to COPE with BYOD? If you don’t know, you need to read this white paper. And if you don’t know what COPE or BYOD means, you really need to read this white paper.

  • Things Partners Should Know About Windows Server 2012

    With an all-new model of computing, the next version of the Microsoft flagship server OS comes with new editions, licensing, product dependencies, features and partner opportunities. Redmond Channel Partner provides the top things partner should know now.