July/August 2017

Reading the Redmond Tea Leaves

We divine what's coming in FY18.


Microsoft Aims To Eliminate the Middleman with Blockchain

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Microsoft is aggressively building out blockchain services in Azure with help from financial, traditional and ISV partners.

What's in Microsoft's Tea Leaves for Fiscal 2018?

By Mary Jo Foley

Expect a year of continued focus on Azure, Office 365, Windows 10, LinkedIn/Dynamics and the attempt to find a new niche in the mobile space.

What To Expect from Microsoft's WPC, Ahem, Inspire 2017

By Scott Bekker

Controversy swirls around the new name Microsoft slapped on the event formerly known as the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). The structure, focus and audience, however, should feel familiar to any attendee of previous WPCs.


To Explain Microsoft's Cloud Stacks, Partners Use Periodic Tables

By Barb Levisay

It's elementary.