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Partner Supports Outreach Across the Globe

Working in difficult environments, where projects can take consultants far off the beaten path, is nothing new to Microsoft partners. But one partner has taken the concept of "onsite" to the extreme, helping a global humanitarian organization modernize its supply chain from the tent cities of Haiti to the remote mountains of Mongolia.  

Non-Traditional Solution with Global Reach
World Vision International, a global humanitarian organization serving over 10 million people in 100 countries, engaged Ignify, a gold competency Dynamics AX partner, to help bring order to its troubled supply chain.

"While they are a non-profit charitable organization, they are just like a big supply chain business," noted Sandeep Walia, Ignify's CEO. "World Vision receives a lot of products from donors to distribute across the world. They needed a solution to track these gifts in kind and maintain the integrity and responsiveness of the system."

The supply chain system needed to be designed to prevent theft and misdirection of goods while providing fast response in time of need. Equally important, the solution needed to be fully functional in places with severe limitations, including undependable power and communication service. Ignify's supply chain expertise combined with Dynamics AX has given the World Vision field team a state-of-the-art supply chain that delivers on its mission across the globe.

Risk and Reward for Consultants
While Ignify has used all of today's communications tools to manage the project remotely -- both to save money for the client and to minimize risk for consultants -- onsite time in remote locations has been part of the implementation. Consultants have all volunteered for assignments in undeveloped locations.

"It is difficult work because the conditions are hard in those countries. Our consultants have gone to places where even just finding food and reasonable hygiene can be a challenge," Walia said. "The biggest reason that our employees take on these projects is that they understand that the work they do benefits humanity."

Balancing Charity with Profit
At one time or another, all partners are asked to donate or reduce rates for worthy causes. Saying yes too often can have a significant impact on profits. To focus their charitable efforts, Ignify proactively set guidelines to support organizations whose missions help the world on a long-term basis, including disaster relief and child education.

"We do the work at or below cost so that World Vision can benefit from the technology that Microsoft Dynamics AX can bring to them," Walia said. "Fortunately, we have balance in a great set of profitable customers."

Making the World a Better Place
Every day partners quietly and heroically serve the charitable organizations that help the less fortunate and those in crisis. During the Hurricane Sandy disaster, partners spent countless hours helping their customers recover and rebuild. Partners may not be recognized for all the contributions that they make, but their impact makes the world a better place.

Are you doing work that makes the world a better place? Add a comment below or send me a note and let's share your story.

Posted by Barb Levisay on January 17, 2013