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Events Are Better on Microsoft Ready-to-Go

The event management engine on Microsoft's Ready-to-Go (RtG) partner marketing site has been completely revamped and updated. In the past, many partners avoided managing events through RtG's Click to Attend because the service required registrants to have a Windows Live ID. That requirement is gone, so it's time for partners to take another look.

Ease Your Way into Events
Whether you are new to holding events or an experienced master of ceremonies, RtG has resources that will help your next event be more successful. You can create an event directly from an existing RtG campaign or use your own materials. Many partners start with campaign materials as a base and customize with their own messaging.

"We hold a lot of events and manage them through the Click to Attend," says Elle Vollerthum, VP of marketing for Enabling Technologies, a Gold Unified Communications partner. "I will use the campaign materials from Ready-to-Go and tweak them to fit our specific message. Our messaging is very targeted. For example, our current campaign is CRM integration with Lync."

Like many partner marketers, Vollerthum is a one-person marketing department and appreciates the time-saving resources on RtG. The recent improvements to the RtG site, including the events update, have made the site much easier to navigate and use.

"The new interface makes it much easier to find what you need. You can look for things in different ways with multiple search options," added Vollerthum.

Telemarketing Services Extend Event Returns
In addition to the campaign materials, Vollerthum used RtG telemarketing services to maximize returns from past events.    

"Over the last five years we've been doing unified communications events. I engaged an RtG telemarketing firm to call and reengage with all past registrants, since we knew they were interested in the subject," Vollerthum said. "We received about 15 solid leads and about five project engagements from that campaign."

Check Out RtG for Your Next Event
If you haven't used the new, improved Click to Attend event registration or RtG campaign materials, it's worth the time to check it out. RtG helps partners with limited time and resources turn out professional marketing campaigns.

Are you using RtG materials in a creative way? Add a comment below or send me an e-mail and let's share the knowledge.

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Posted by Barb Levisay on September 06, 2012 at 11:57 AM


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