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5 Ways To Show Customers You Care

You appreciate your current customers, but when was the last time you told them? As the economy and your business improve, it's easy to forget how important each of your existing clients has been to your success.

Make it a priority to regularly thank your customers. Here are some ideas:

  1. A phone call or handwritten note: Simple. Surprising. Effective.

  2. Coupons: How many times have you seen a business offer a coupon that is only good on your first order? Why reward strangers when the people who have done business with you for years get nothing? Doesn't make much sense. 

    Delight your customers with a coupon for services or a free software license. Let them know that their business is just as important to you as attracting new customers.

  3. Customer success stories: When was the last time you wrote a case study about one of your customers? Case studies are great content for your Web site, subjects for your blog posts and recognition for your clients. Commit to a schedule, like one case study each quarter -- and stick to it.

    Case studies don't have to be long; one side of one page is plenty. Tell the story simply with a description of the customer's problem and your solution. Focus on the business benefit, not the technology.

  4. Free planning session: By staying involved with your customer's plans, you position yourself as a true partner rather than just a vendor. Planning sessions don't have to be at the end or the beginning of the year. Summer can be a great time to suggest planning sessions for some seasonal customers, like retailers and schools. 

  5. Networking event: You probably have customers who share many of the same challenges. Why not facilitate the opportunity for them to connect? Sponsor a happy hour or dinner for a small group of IT managers or CFOs to help them share ideas and position yourself as an advocate.

    A side benefit of the networking event is the opportunity to educate yourself on issues that affect these customers. By finding solutions, you can expand service offerings to meet the needs.

As your business picks up, don't forget to thank the customers who helped you keep the doors open during the tough times. Don't let the excitement of winning new clients take the focus off maintaining long-term client relationships.

How do you show clients that you care? Add a comment below or send me a note and let's share the knowledge. 

Posted by Barb Levisay on May 16, 2012