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How To Build Customer Trust Through Your Microsoft Partnership

You've worked hard to meet the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) competency requirements to support your partnership with Microsoft. Most of your customers are committed to Microsoft, as well, but don't have your inside view. Share your insight to build trust and add value to their business.

Be a Filter
Every week, you receive multiple e-mails from Microsoft intended to help you navigate partner training, product development news and marketing support. While much of the information is only applicable to partners, there is plenty that would interest your customers.

As they hit your mailbox, save the stories that are worth sharing with your customers. Include the information in your monthly newsletter or on your blog. Send a personal note to a special client when you find something that will affect their business.

Every time you share filtered information, you establish yourself as a conduit to Microsoft. You also show an interest in and knowledge of their business that keeps you fresh in your customer's mind.

Be an Interpreter
No one, especially not Microsoft marketers (no slight intended), knows your customers' business the way you do. When you see an announcement out of Microsoft that will affect one of more of your clients, be the first to tell them. Explain to them what the announcement means to their company -- what time savings it could mean to them or what business opportunity it could present.

As businesses become more self-sufficient in technology, you need to find those places where you can add value every day. Don't wait for the next launch.

Be a Guide
With Convergence, the annual Dynamics user and partner gathering coming in March, partners have the unique opportunity to spend days with clients learning about new technology together. Partners who guide their customers through Convergence find out more about their clients' strategies and future directions. What better way to match your services to their needs in a true partnership?

There are a multitude of customer-facing Microsoft events each year that offer a similar opportunity. Suggest appropriate events and accompany your customer to demonstrate your inside knowledge and interest in their business.

It's easy to take the overload of information from Microsoft for granted. There is a lot, but it's your job to filter through it and share what's important with your customers. As curator of that information you can build your value in the eyes of your customers -- and the only investment is your time.

How do you use your Microsoft partnership to build customer relationships? Add a comment below or send me a note and let's share the knowledge.

Posted by Barb Levisay on February 23, 2012