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3 Video Strategies for Microsoft Partners

In the past two posts (here and here), we've talked about matching content to the buying cycle. Video content is no different, and is an effective and affordable option. While producing a video intended to go viral is fun, building a video strategy that supports your prospects buying process will probably deliver more leads.

Videos That Educate
Harvest Solutions, a Massachusetts-based CRM partner, uses videos to introduce basic concepts of CRM to prospects early in the buying cycle. Cathy Boudreau, social media and marketing specialist, has been working in the CRM industry for 10 years. "It still surprises me that people are looking for such basic information on CRM," Boudreau said.

When Harvest Solutions was first looking to add videos to its marketing mix, it had discussions about the level of content. The conclusion was that while people in the technology industry assume that everyone knows what CRM (or other IT acronyms) is, that's just not the case.  Prospects need a simple explanation of the basic uses of the solution to understand how it can solve their problem.

"We started with the very basic principles to educate prospects." Boudreau continued, "Don't go for the stars trying to make a viral video.  Basic videos that educate your prospects are what they are looking for."

Videos That Demonstrate
For an ISV in particular, a picture is worth a thousand words when the prospect is evaluating user interface and high-level functionality. Don't ask for too much commitment from the prospect at this time -- no forms to view the videos. A few examples of different approaches:

  • Nintex has posted a variety of videos, from high-level to deeper dives, so that prospects can evaluate the Nintex workflow products on their own terms.

  • ClickDimensions promotes its solution with a video that walks the user through common tasks. 

  • Corasworks gives prospects a taste of its solutions with a short video and invites them for a deeper dive through a webinar.

Videos That Compare
As your prospects are comparing solutions and vendors, they will be looking for evidence that you are the company best qualified to solve their problems. Customer testimonials and employee interviews presented through video can be a powerful relationship builder for these prospects.

Following are some examples of partners using videos to build their credibility with prospects.

  • The Marks Group uses a friendly, sincere video featuring the owner to effectively connect with prospects. (Makes you want to give him a call and chat, doesn't it?)

  • The IBIS Inc. Web site uses customer testimonial videos to build credibility with visitors from the moment they visit the site.

Videos are more affordable and easier than ever to embed in your Web site. Consider multiple types of videos to keep your prospects coming back to your site to get to know you better. 

How are you using videos to build relationships with your prospects? Comment below or send me an e-mail and let's share the knowledge.

Posted by Barb Levisay on October 27, 2011