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Converting Your Prospects: The Secret Weapon

Everyone has seen the statistic: You need at least six and as many as 17 impressions to get the attention of your target prospects. Multiple factors affect that number, like your list quality and call to action, but the fundamental point is that you need to repeat your message again and again to get the attention of your audience. Consistency is your secret weapon.

Most of your competitors -- and maybe even you -- engage with prospects in fits and starts. You send out an e-mail when the latest version of Windows is released or when you hire a new salesperson and promise marketing support. Most of the time, there are more pressing day-to-day issues that have to be handled and marketing goes to the bottom of the pile.

To make your marketing program really stick, don't worry about what campaigns are "working" for other partners. Figure out what marketing method is the easiest for your organization to execute on a regular basis. Making it happen consistently is far more important than the vehicle or delivery method. If you regularly communicate the benefits of working with your company to your prospects, you will get new clients.

How To Deploy the Secret Weapon
Decide what type of marketing content you are most likely to support for the long term. Do you have someone in the organization who likes to write, give presentations or network? If he or she enjoys the task, it won't be a chore. Then, pick one delivery method and stick with it:

  • monthly e-mail newsletter or snail-mail postcard to your house list
  • weekly blog postings
  • regular networking with consistent follow-up
  • monthly webinars or on-site seminars

Make someone in the organization accountable to "make it happen" -- whether it's sending the e-mail or posting the article. Give him or her incentives to get it done regularly. There are methods to fine-tune your marketing and improve results, but don't get distracted by details until you have an established routine.

If you have limited resources to devote to marketing, get some help. Microsoft's updated Ready-to-Go marketing programs contain some great tools to help you with content. There are numerous services available now that you can contract to help get your marketing on track for a reasonable fee. 

Steady as She Goes
Your prospects need to see your name and message often to remember who to call when they need your services. Don't lose patience and don't feel like you are pestering. Prospects that are a good fit for your services want to hear from you. With consistent contact, you will get their attention and their business. 

What's your secret (or not-so-secret) marketing weapon? Send me a note and let's share the knowledge.

Posted by Barb Levisay on April 13, 2011