Name: Craig Joseph
Title: CEO

RCP: What do you call your program?
Joseph: Our program is simply called the "intY Partner Program." As a born-in-the-cloud distributor, we are a cloud specialist and only deal in cloud services such as Microsoft CSP.

What do you call the CSP resellers in your program?
CSP services come under our standard intY Partner Program to keep things simple. By becoming an intY Partner, you get access to CSP plus a host of other services from cloud leaders such as Symantec and Acronis. We have two partner types:

  • Expert Partner:
    • You own the customer relationship.
    • You bill the customer.
    • You support the customer.
    • Add your own margin to services.
  • Trusted Advisor:
    • You introduce the customer to intY.
    • We bill the customer.
    • We support the customer.
    • You earn commission on services sold.

What requirements does a partner need to meet to be a reseller for you?
We have no requirements! No matter what type of partner or size, we can accommodate you at intY.

Is there a cost involved?
No cost. Our partner programs are all free to join.

One of the attractions of the CSP program is that Microsoft does not own the customer billing. But has a reseller substituted Microsoft owning the customer billing for you, the CSP distribution partner, owning the customer billing?
The beauty of our partnership options is that you have the choice. If you want to own the customer billing relationship, then you can. If you would rather intY take care of the billing, then you also have that option.

What protections or assurances have you put in place to reassure the reseller that they own the customer relationship?
By signing to our Expert Partner program, contractually the partner owns the customer relationship not intY. However, we will be there to support the partner and help them with any guidance they need.

Do you offer a white-label billing option or white-label support options? Is there a fee or different participation requirements for partners to use a white-label version?
We offer a white-label version of our provisioning portal CASCADE for our Expert Partners to self-brand. For support and billing, partners will need to have their own in-house capabilities to become an Expert Partner (reseller). However, for those without those capabilities, we welcome them to join our Trusted Advisor program where we can handle those aspects for you.

In addition to distributing Microsoft cloud keys and billing, what benefits are you providing to the resellers that they can, in turn, offer to their customers?

  • Everything in one place: With all the industry-leading cloud vendors available through intY, including Microsoft, Symantec and Acronis, you can get all your services from one cloud distributor.
  • Lightning-speed provisioning: With services available in less than 25 seconds, you will never have to keep your customers waiting.
  • Customization at your fingertips: With thousands of cloud combinations to choose from, you can create the perfect cloud solution for your customers, tailored to their business needs.
  • Personal, direct, one-on-one support: We will provide you with a dedicated cloud sales specialist who will be your single point of call if you have any questions. They will work with you on a personal level to help identify your needs and grow your cloud business. As well as this, our technical gurus are on hand whenever you need them to make sure you get the best IT support around.
  • All the tools to help you sell: With regular webinars, incentives, a wealth of sales material and access directly to the vendors themselves, our aim is to keep you inspired and grow you a profitable cloud business.

What differentiates your CSP distribution offering from the other CSP indirect partners?
Our tremendous people. Everyone at intY are driven to make our partners succeed. Our developers have ensured that you can deliver services to your customers in under 25 seconds through CASCADE, our cloud sales specialists will work with you one-on-one to ensure you build a profitable cloud business, and our support team lives to make sure you can get answers to your technical questions quickly. We will always strive to improve our service to you, to help you achieve more.

How much demand are you seeing from resellers?
A lot. With the rise in Microsoft cloud sales and new services being added to the portfolio regularly, CSP is an extremely popular program. With our business being solely cloud, we have huge demand for these services and only see the opportunities growing for our partners, especially around Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure.

How many resellers have you signed up so far for your CSP program (United States and worldwide)?
We have signed up thousands of resellers across the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, and those numbers are growing every day!