Report: Microsoft To Widen Lead over Amazon in IaaS

New research from Spiceworks Inc., a provider of tools and resources for IT pros, indicates that Microsoft Azure's lead over Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) space is poised to grow.

For its "Diving into IT Cloud Services" report released this month, Spiceworks polled over 340 IT pros worldwide about their cloud usage and future plans. The report found, among other things, that most organizations are using at least one cloud-based IT service, with an even larger shift to the cloud coming soon, though buyers are still hesitant to adopt some newer cloud services.

The survey also revealed one possible weakness in the cloud market for perennial leader and cloud pioneer AWS: the IaaS segment.

"In the public cloud IaaS provider category, Microsoft Azure is the most commonly used (16 percent), followed closely by Amazon Web Services (AWS) at 13 percent," the report said. "Azure is also expected to see the most growth in the next 12 months with 21 percent of IT pros considering it -- while AWS is being considered by 11 percent."

[Click on image for larger view.] The IaaS market. (Source: Spiceworks)

However, Azure's slim lead may certainly change in the emerging IaaS landscape, which is still shaking itself out.

"While the other cloud categories show clear market dominators across the top three purchase drivers, IaaS has yet to see any single brand emerge as a top performer," the report said. "The most used brands -- Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services -- are associated with all tested attributes more so than the other providers (and are fiercely tied for first place in almost every instance), but the majority of IT pros didn't have strong brand associations with any of the providers. However, in the emerging category of IaaS, this will most certainly change as adoption of IaaS increases and familiarity with brands expands in the market."

Overall, Spiceworks sees good things ahead for cloud computing. "While an average of 20 percent of IT services are cloud-based today, this number is expected to increase to 34 percent in the next two to three years. In fact, 30 percent of organizations expect more than half of their IT services to be cloud-based in two to three years.

"With this in mind, it makes sense why cloud services were ranked as one of the top 10 tech discussions among IT pros in the Spiceworks Community last year. Interestingly, in 2015 there were more than 15,000 conversations about the cloud in the Community and only 5 percent were considered negative. In fact, cloud discussions had the highest positive sentiment among all of the top 10 tech topics, including networking, hardware, security and more."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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