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Holiday Greetings from RCPU

This is our last edition of the year, and with it I'd like to thank the people who make RCPU possible. That's right -- I'm dropping the royal "we" for today because this is personal. (That sounds sort of menacing, but it's about to get very sappy.)

First, to the readers, the e-mailers and the contributors to entries on the blog site, thank you for your attention and participation. I hope that at least you're entertained here and occasionally even informed. I love reading your comments and enjoy having e-mail discussions with you -- something I'm going to try to do more often in 2009. You are the lifeblood of RCPU, and I wouldn't have a newsletter (or possibly even a job) without you. So thanks for being part of our little community, and I hope to hear more from you in 2009.  

To Mike Domingo, Becky Nagel, Gladys Rama and all our Web folks in SoCal, thanks for never complaining about having to read copy that can sometimes, um, ramble a bit, and thanks for doing such a great job of putting together a beautiful e-mail newsletter and a very snappy blog site. Y'all are the best, and I hope to get to see you again in person in 2009. (Let's do it in L.A., though -- preferably during the winter months.)

To Doug Barney, who helped me so much when I started writing this newsletter regularly almost three years ago, thanks for your continued guidance and support. To Scott Bekker -- who fills in so ably here, very often at the very last minute when I'm overwhelmed with other stuff -- and Anne Stuart, thanks for your continued suggestions and for catching some of the dumber things I write and correcting them for me. (Anne did just that for me yesterday, actually.) You've spared me a lot of blushes, as our English friends would say.

To Ed Scannell, my boss at Redmond since July, thanks for having the patience to let me continue to write a newsletter for the RCP wing of the empire. Oh, and to Scott Shultz, RCP art director and my office neighbor, thanks for making me laugh and getting me in the right frame of mind to at least try to be entertaining and clever here.

I really enjoy writing RCPU and connecting with the people who read it. I'm very proud of the work we've all done on it, and I'll do my best to keep my end up. Happy holidays to all and have a great new year. Don't forget to send your top-10 (or however many you want) lists for 2009 to [email protected]. I'll see you again next year.

Posted by Lee Pender on December 18, 2008