Special Reports

Channel M&A: 10 Key Deals Among Microsoft Partners in 2010

A look back at 10 of the more interesting mergers and acquisitions to hit the Microsoft channel this year

RIM Atop The Smartphone Heap

The Blackberry maker so far has maintained its lead in the smartphone segment, but Apple and Google present worthwhile challenges that keep RIM working harder to stay at the top.

Microsoft's Smartphone Strategy Needs a Genius Plan

A decade into it, Microsoft's smartphone strategy lags Apple, Google and RIM. Can it climb back on the strength of its recent efforts?

Beyond Managed Services

Your clients often need services that go beyond what you offer in the traditional MSP role. So, look around: Is there untapped revenue sitting right under your nose?

MSP Philosophy: Relationships Underpin IT

What makes you different from your competitors? The answer is simple and obvious.

A Cloudy Future Isn't Always a Bad Thing

This former disc jockey thinks cloud-based services is music to his ears.

Strained IT Departments Welcome MSP Help

If internal IT morale stands between you and an MSP, here are some tips for easing the transition.

Flip the IT Switch: From In-House to Hosted

Why hosted IT services makes sense, especially during a recession.

One Hosting Provider's Message

How's this for a best practice? One Web hosting company sees a sensible answer in outsourcing.

Managed Services Smooth the Way in Rough Economic Times

Companies tired of the "break-fix" model find a better way.

Will Application Integration Save the Enterprise?

Are you looking for something new to gain advantage over competitors? Application integration could be your vehicle for driving new and innovative information and business processes.

Speed Up Your VB.NET Code

Optimization rules have changed under VB.NET-here are eight great new ways to build wicked-fast code.