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The 2024 Microsoft Product Roadmap

Everything Microsoft partners and IT pros need to know about major Microsoft product milestones this year.

SharePoint Embedded Becomes Generally Available

After a six-month preview, SharePoint Embedded, an API-based version of SharePoint that developers and ISVs can use to embed Microsoft 365 capabilities into their apps, is now generally available.

Microsoft's AI Datancenter Strategy Is Hurting Its Climate Goals

Microsoft's goal of becoming carbon-negative by 2030 has hit a roadblock: the AI gold rush.

Microsoft's Next Billion-Dollar AI and Cloud Investment Goes to France

Microsoft this week announced its "largest investment in France" in the form of a $4.3 billion (or 4 billion euro) AI and cloud infrastructure package.

Microsoft Building Datacenter, Tech Hub in Wisconsin

Microsoft is investing $3.3 billion to build an AI and cloud datacenter in Wisconsin.

Microsoft Sets 2025 for Exchange Server Subscription Edition Release

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that Exchange Server Subscription Edition (SE) will be arriving in the second half of next year.

U.S. State Department Releases International Cybersecurity Framework

Looking to strengthen defenses and build international collaboration, the Biden administration released a new cybersecurity framework on Monday.

Microsoft Outlines New Commitment to Security

In the wake of criticism for its recent security record, Microsoft is outlining steps it is taking to improve, companywide.

For VMware Customers in Limbo, Microsoft Throws a Lifeline to Azure

Microsoft this week announced an Azure migration program aimed implicitly at VMware customers left scrambling by licensing changes implemented by its buyer, Broadcom.

Microsoft Making $1.5B Cloud and AI Investment in G42

Microsoft recently announced it is extending the reach of its cloud and AI technologies in the United Arab Emirates.

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IBM To Acquire Open Source Software Veteran HashiCorp

In a deal announced Wednesday, Big Blue said it plans to acquire HashiCorp for an estimated $6.4 billion, or $35 per share.

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In Wake of VMware Changes, Broadcom Still Struggling To Win Critics Over

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan recently shared his company's motives for controversially changing VMware licensing policies, a move that had been met by widespread backlash.

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Top SMB Threats Include Ransomware and Windows Server 2012: Report

Managed services providers that support SMBs have their hands full this year: The constellation of threats targeting their customer base is more varied and harder to detect than ever.

Microsoft Copilot for Security GA Expected April 1

The Microsoft Copilot for Security artificial intelligence-enhanced security tool will be commercially released on April 1.

Microsoft Releases SharePoint Server SE Version 24H1

Microsoft released SharePoint Server Subscription Edition version 24H1, per a Tuesday announcement.