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Once Upon a Channel

In August 1981, IBM introduced its first "personal computer" and, explaining that nobody but IBM could sell IBM, decided that the few selected companies that would be furnishing these small units to consumers and small businesses would be "resellers" instead of "sellers."

Building a Virtual Practice

As Redmond's virtualization solutions mature, there's still time for partners to get into the virtualization game on the ground floor.

Buried Treasure: Uncovering SharePoint's Riches

Clients will see the light once you show how SharePoint can help them implement collaborative Web applications.

Making a Successful -- and Safe -- Migration to Exchange Server 2007

Tapping Exchange for its best features may mean partnering with the right vendor to get you the full 64-bit experience.

5 Strategies for Effective Lead Management

Between leads and sales lies a mystery. Here are a few ways to make the process more transparent and improve the lead-to-sales ratio.

Business-Continuity Planning: Myths and Mistakes

Now that you have a plan, it's time to make sure it works. Practice, in this case, makes perfect.

SAM and Core IO: A Dynamic Duo

Are you a bit fat in software and hardware assets? It's time to reassess your IT resources and Microsoft's Core IO can help streamline that process.

VoIP: Bend Boundaries, Save Money

VoIP can empower clients to overcome the constraints of time and location, allowing customers to stay in touch.

Getting a Handle on Peer-to-Peer Applications

Watch out for security pitfalls, such as increasingly popular instant messaging apps.

A Clear Opportunity for Partners

Identity management is gaining prominence as a way to authenticate users across multiple platforms.

Should You Jump Into CRM?

Partners need to answer key questions before deciding to get into the customer relationship management business.

Selecting a Managed Security Services Provider

Look for a provider that can deliver an end-to-end view across the network.

The Services Solution Litmus Test

Ask the right questions before going ahead.

Steering SMBs Toward Managed Services

SMBs can't afford to hire a qualified IT staff to administer their networks. Partners who provide managed services can step in.

How Partners Working with SMBs Can Learn from Enterprise IT

Want to adapt enterprise best practices to run your small business? Here are five lessons for doing so.