Marketing Microsoft

Marketing Lessons from the Obama Campaign

Microsoft partners can learn some valuable marketing lessons from Obama's campaign successes. Here's a list of eight that you can pu tot use now.

The Perfect Match: Make the Right Offer at the Right Time

Developing your relationship with clients before you even think of closing the deal.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget

Focus your marketing dollars in these two areas -- Web sites/search and database-driven marketing -- and the sales and leads will follow.

Small Business Equals Big Sales Revenue

Partners can get seen in the small business space through some basic marketing moves.

Marketing Maxims: Pithy Sayings, Proven Truths

Here are six sayings to help keep partners focused on their marketing message.

Essential Gear for Catching Redmond's New Wave

Companies might be migrating later, but get ready now so you can sell to them when the time is right.

Should Blogging Be on Your To-Do List?

Dismiss blogging and you might miss out on one of the easiest ways to reach your market online.

Quotes that Define Marketing

What's marketing? Here's how the pros define that job role.

Build Your Business for Less Through Marketing

What's a more cost-effective way of making a sale? Saving the one-to-one approach until the end.

Prove Your Marketing Is Paying Off

Tips on obtaining an ROI on your marketing efforts.

Dialing for Dollars or Wasting Your Money?

Take control of your telemarketing effort, whether you outsource or make them part of your team.

Don't Doom Your Own Marketing Event

Planning a marketing event? Here are some tips for successfully promotional copy that will get people to attend it.

'Good Enough' and 'Get It Done'

Stuck in a marketing rut? Try these techniques for spinning out of it.

Making 1 + 1 = 3

Take advantage of Microsoft's online resources to boost your marketing strategies.

A Tasty Recipe for Lead Generation

Mac's guide to marketing for good, juicy sales leads.