Microsoft Introduces SharePoint Embedded in Visual Studio Code

Microsoft has added a Visual Studio Code extension for SharePoint Embedded preview, per a Wednesday announcement.

With the Visual Studio Code extension, it's possible to "create and configure Azure Entra app registrations." Developers get access to "free trial container types" and can create "additional guests apps" using the container types. There's also access to sample apps for SharePoint Embedded users.

SharePoint Embedded apps are "designed to work with the SharePoint Embedded Postman Collection," which Microsoft described as "a set of pre-configured requests that help you interact with the SharePoint Embedded REST API."

While developers can install the SharePoint Embedded preview on the Visual Studio Code integrated development environment, they will need administrator access privileges to the Microsoft 365 tenancy to use it. Microsoft advised developers that "if you don't have administrator access to a Microsoft 365 tenant, get your own tenant with the Microsoft 365 Developer Program."

SharePoint Embedded at the preview stage isn't turned on by default, Microsoft explained in this document:

During Public Preview, by default, SharePoint Embedded applications won't be enabled for use on the Microsoft 365 tenant. To create or register SharePoint Embedded applications in the tenant, tenant admins must review the terms of service and enable the settings in SharePoint admin center.

Currently, SharePoint Embedded is available as a "paid public preview," with users paying for storage, API transactions and egress costs. It's a "pay as you go" offering that will require having an Azure subscription with admin access, a Microsoft 365 tenancy and a linked Azure resource group.

The free trial containers used by developers get "automatically deleted in 30 days," so SharePoint Embedded preview is not production ready at this point, Microsoft explained, in its terms and conditions document.

SharePoint Embedded, formerly known as "Syntex Repository Services," has been at the preview stage since November, and is expected to reach general availability in mid-2024. It's an API that gives developers access to Microsoft 365's file and document storage solutions when building applications. While SharePoint Embedded is aimed at independent software developers, Microsoft also uses it. Microsoft built its Loop and Designer solutions using SharePoint Embedded, for instance.

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