Top 10 Features & Commentary, Nos. 5-1: Post-Pandemic Playbook, Top Microsoft Partners, More

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5. Three Dozen GA Announcements from Microsoft Ignite (March 2)
"We like to think 'general availability' still counts for something in this always-iterating development world, which is why we often take the opportunity at Microsoft events to separate the GA milestones from preview news." [Read here]

4. 4 Tricks MSPs Can Use to Check the Security of Their Vendors (Feb. 2)
"When a managed service provider installs agents or sets up other tools at a customer site, the customer is trusting them at a deep -- let's call it what it is, an administrative -- level." [Read here]

3. The Post-Pandemic Channel: A 'Boom Period' for M&A (Aug. 18)
"Firms that were smart about implementing employee-centric programs -- things like work-from-anywhere policies, unlimited PTO or tuition reimbursement -- are doing much better than the firms that didn't." [Read here]

2. A Post-Pandemic Playbook for Microsoft Partners (June 2)
"Digital presence and online marketing became much more important when we couldn't meet in person. Partners should invest in hiring the right people to take them on this journey." [Read here]

1. Microsoft's Top 350 U.S. Partners (March 22)
"Who are the best Microsoft U.S. partners? You'll find them in this list of the top 350 Microsoft partners, from global systems integrators to data specialists to small, highly competent regional operators." [Read here]

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