Top 10 Features & Commentary, Nos. 10-6: Who Owns the Metaverse, Remote Work, More

10. It's Time for Partners To Get Serious About Remote Work Solutions (Oct. 1)
"In their next round of decisions, your customers are going to determine who gets to continue working from home, who returns to the office, and who gets to switch back and forth. No matter what they decide, you need to be ready to help them achieve their goals." [Read here]

9. Farewell to Gavriella Schuster: Is This the End of an Era? (Aug. 19)
"But the observation that struck me so profoundly, so personally, is that with Schuster's departure, it seems that Microsoft has now lost another senior executive who could be considered a friend to the channel." [Read here]

8. Microsoft Slashes Marketplace Fees for Partners (July 14)
"Charlotte Yarkoni, chief operating officer of Microsoft Cloud + AI, positioned the changes as investing in the partner ecosystem to help partners do business with Microsoft." [Read here]

7. Social Impact a Focus of the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards (July 8)
"For 2021, the Social Impact super category includes three awards -- Community Response, Inclusion Changemaker and a brand-new award aligned to Microsoft's recent sustainability pledges called Sustainability Changemaker." [Read here]

6. Who Will Own the Metaverse? (And Why Channel Partners Should Care About the Answer) (Dec. 7)
"Make no mistake: Microsoft is staking its claim in the metaverse, but something Nadella said during that presentation struck a very different note from the Facebook announcement." [Read here]

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