Intermedia (Booth #1623)


Name: Michael Gold
Title: President at Intermedia

RCP: What's the elevator pitch for your company to a Microsoft partner?
Gold: Intermedia is the world's largest hosted Exchange provider with more than 480,000 mailboxes under management. Through our partner program, members choose either the private label or advisor model on a customer-by-customer basis, utilizing our industry leading Partner Portal, supported by all major mobile platforms, so they can easily provision and manage customer accounts.

The private label model enables VARs and MSPs to own customer billing and the overall customer relationship under their own brand. Intermedia provides dedicated sales and technical support, behind the scenes, so that private label partners remain at the front end of the solution. The advisor model is designed for partners that prefer to leverage the Intermedia brand and earn a commission on every sale. Under the advisor model, Intermedia handles customer billing and technical support.

Intermedia gives partners the tools, services and flexibility necessary to be successful cloud services resellers. This includes the ability to control billing and branding, as well as access comprehensive behind-the-scenes 24x7 support from Intermedia.

For partners who may not have thought about your company since the last WPC, what would they need to know about what you've been up to for the past 12 months?
Year-over-year data shows user base has grown by nearly 40 percent, Intermedia's partners saw a 70 percent increase in mailboxes under management, a 30 percent increase in active partners and 50 percent increase in total partner revenue.

Out of your entire product portfolio, what's the product or service that Microsoft partners should be aware of right now?
Microsoft partners should know with Intermedia you get a full suite of cloud service offerings. With Office in the Cloud, partners receive popular Microsoft services such as Exchange 2010, hosted Lync and SharePoint with Intermedia's services for backup, mobility, security, voice and more. Intermedia services are managed from its proprietary HostPilot Control Panel, as well as its Partner Portal, now with added support for Windows Mobile, completing support of all major mobile platforms including Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Through Intermedia's Hosted PBX, your business becomes more responsive, as your phones and email meet in the cloud. This makes all companies better equipped to seize every opportunity.

For independent Exchange hosters dealing with a high cost structure, by moving their cloud service to Intermedia, they can make more money while maintaining their brand, billing and customer relations. Additionally, Intermedia will help them keep up with changing technology, services, versions and features.

Are you announcing anything at WPC?
Continuing with Intermedia's history of early adoption, we are releasing our hosted Exchange 15 beta program. Microsoft selected Intermedia as one of 10 partners to beta test Exchange 15, its next-generation Exchange platform set to launch in early 2013. Intermedia will begin taking beta sign up at WPC.

Intermedia is also launching HostPilot Control Panel and Partner Portal mobile apps for Windows Mobile phones, meaning the company now supports all mobile platforms.

Additionally, we will announce our continued growth and success, and offering an exclusive promotion, including free migrations, for independent Microsoft Exchange hosters to move their existing business to Intermedia.

What should Microsoft partners keep an eye out for from your company over the next year?
Partners can keep an eye out for new product launches and enhancements as Intermedia continues the company's tradition of innovation and maintains our leadership in offering Microsoft services and being first-to-market.

Why should someone visit your booth this year (free stuff, amazing demo, contest, promotion, etc.)?
Win free service for new customer accounts for a designated period of time, and explore our exciting product roadmap with Intermedia executives.

As a company, what are your goals for WPC this year?
We are always looking to get to know partners better and continue to maintain an open dialogue. Whenever we have the chance to hear directly from partners, we want to take full advantage to ensure we are providing what is best for our partners and working together towards a common goal. We value their feedback.

What's the profile of the ideal partner you're hoping to connect with at WPC this year?
We are looking for partners who are keen to expand their businesses. We want to encourage independent Microsoft Exchange hosters to move their existing business to Intermedia, allowing hosters to migrate to the cloud, while lowering their cost structure and freeing up more time to focus on the front end of their business, while we takes care of the back end. With our proprietary cloud infrastructure, we bring Fortune 50-level IT, allowing our partners to focus on growing their businesses and their bottom line, while we deliver the enhanced services and solutions to do so.

Who are some of your team members a partner might meet at your booth (names and titles)?
Michael Gold, president.

For partners' post-show follow-up, who should they contact and how (phone number or e-mail address)?
Partners can dial 1-800-379-7729 and choose option 6, and a member of Intermedia's partner team will be available to help.