Brainware (Booth #1637)


Name: Charles Kaplan
Title: VP of Marketing at Brainware

RCP: What's the elevator pitch for your company to a Microsoft partner?
Kaplan: Brainware is the market leader for intelligent data-capture solutions that efficiently extract, reconcile and integrate data from unstructured documents into customers' ERP and ECM systems. Our solution provides customers with a 12-month ROI by increasing staff productivity by 300 percent to 700 percent.

For partners who may not have thought about your company since the last WPC, what would they need to know about what you've been up to for the past 12 months?
Brainware has advanced our Azure solution to offer a SaaS option in invoice capture and is actively recruiting partners that can utilize our technology in an end-to-end solution.

Out of your entire product portfolio, what's the product or service that Microsoft partners should be aware of right now?
Brainware Distiller -- our on-premise automated data-capture solution that automates the data-entry process for unstructured documents.

Are you announcing anything at WPC?

What should Microsoft partners keep an eye out for from your company over the next year?
Our solution is becoming the de facto standard for intelligent data-capture technology.

Why should someone visit your booth this year (free stuff, amazing demo, contest, promotion, etc.)?
To learn more about our solution and to enter a chance to win a slingbox.

As a company, what are your goals for WPC this year?
To select our partners and Microsoft teams to implement our FY13 plans

What's the profile of the ideal partner you're hoping to connect with at WPC this year?
VARs that work with large and midmarket companies that sell and/or implement solutions that improve the efficiencies of their business processes.

Who are some of your team members a partner might meet at your booth (names and titles)?
Carl Mergele, general manager/executive VP; Blaine Owens, VP of enterprise solutions; Adam Stoops, systems engineer;
Patrick Julius, channel sales manager.

For partners' post-show follow-up, who should they contact and how (phone number or e-mail address)?
Patrick Julius at (703) 948-5854 or [email protected].