Sitecore (Booth #737)


Name: Russ Emerson
Title: Director, Field/Partner Marketing at Sitecore

RCP: What's the elevator pitch for your company to a Microsoft partner?
Emerson: Sitecore is the world's largest focused provider of software for Web Content Management and related tasks. Sitecore is partner-centric organization that leverages services from our qualified partners. We literally work in concert with our partners -- we develop the software and our partners implement it. If your organization that has a .NET Web Content Management practice or is looking to build one, Sitecore would love to talk to you.

For partners who may not have thought about your company since the last WPC, what would they need to know about what you've been up to for the past 12 months?
Info-Tech Research Group named Sitecore a 2011 Champion, the highest scoring possible, in the category of Web Content Management, and more recently we were positioned as a Visionary in the 2012 Magic Quadrant for CRM Multichannel Campaign Management.

In addition, we launched new technology that enables marketers and Web designers to utilize Sitecore's Web platform as a central hub for all Adobe InDesign content including document layouts and settings. Sitecore Adaptive Print Studio brings together print and Web design teams to deliver more dynamic, personalized, customer-facing print media including annual reports, whitepapers, data sheets, brochures, catalogs and magazines.

Adaptive Print Studio gives marketing departments the freedom and flexibility to create professional PDFs and print collateral. The product is based on true collaboration, because the advanced features of Sitecore's CMS such as workflows, drag-and-drop content, language management and security settings can also be used for print projects.

Out of your entire product portfolio, what's the product or service that Microsoft partners should be aware of right now?
The key to the success of any organization is knowing what works and what doesn't to improve your bottom line. With your Web, e-mail, social, mobile and other channels operating in silos, how can you measure them against each other and implement cohesive marketing strategies?

Sitecore's Customer Engagement Platform provides an integrated solution that connects channels, engagement automation, and engagement analytics, with external tools and databases. It combines the rock-solid stability of Sitecore's enterprise-class .NET Web Content Management System with powerful tools designed for marketers, the Customer Engagement Platform offers:

  • Microsoft Office-like editing capabilities and an intuitive interface that users of all skill levels will love.

  • In-depth analytics that measure campaign success, site traffic and visitor behavior down to the individual level.

  • Engagement automation to communicate with customers across all channels and maximize efficiency of moving prospects through the sales funnel.

  • Profile and persona scoring to design a personalized user experience that will have visitors coming back for more.

Are you announcing anything at WPC?
We aren't making any new product announcements during the conference. However, we are speaking at the Partner Theatre. Joe Henriques, Managing Director, Northeast Region, Sitecore USA, will explore the use of current Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Azure. In addition, Joe will discuss how to build an enterprise Customer Engagement Platform that will empower marketers with an integrated technology that provides the right message, at the right time, through the right channel. 

The presentation is Wednesday, July 11 at 3:15 p.m.

What should Microsoft partners keep an eye out for from your company over the next year?
Web Content Management technologies are undergoing a fundamental change, where the focus gradually shifts from mass marketing to individual dialogue. In relation to Web sites, this development is expressed in several forms including personalized content and marketing offers and multi-channel integration. Customers are increasingly demanding solutions that include tasks within e-mail marketing, campaign management and follow-up, marketing analysis, ecommerce and Web site analysis.

As the market continues to evolve, partners can expect Sitecore to be at the forefront of building Web solutions that drive digital marketing capabilities across all channels.

Why should someone visit your booth this year (free stuff, amazing demo, contest, promotion, etc.)?
Sitecore comes in full force to Microsoft WPC.  Every sales consultant, every member of marketing and all the Solution Architects in North America are here. With a brand-new booth and eight demo stations, Booth 737 is going to be a hot destination for attendees. Come by and spin the Plinko wheel and you could win a $1,000 airlines voucher.

As a company, what are your goals for WPC this year?
This year during WPC we would like to accomplish three things: 1) Re-connect with our existing partners. 2) Strengthen our relationship as a Gold ISV with Microsoft. 3) Network with partner and customer prospects.

What's the profile of the ideal partner you're hoping to connect with at WPC this year?
If you are a system integrator, Web development firm or interactive agency, we need to meet.

Who are some of your team members a partner might meet at your booth (names and titles)
Jason Crea, VP of client and partner engagement, Sitecore USA; Darren Guarnaccia, SVP of product marketing, Sitecore; Joe Henriques, managing director of the northeast region, Sitecore USA.

And a host of other Sitecore folks from around the world from countries including Canada, Denmark, Germany, U.K. and Japan.

For partners' post-show follow-up, who should they contact and how (phone number or e-mail address)?
I would love to connect with anyone that is interested. Please e-mail me at [email protected]