Cisco (Booth #1537)


Name: Rex Backman
Title: Global Marketing Manager at Cisco

RCP: What's the elevator pitch for your company to a Microsoft partner?
Backman: Cisco's Intel-based UCS server and Nexus switch families provide an optimum IT infrastructure for Microsoft datacenter engagements. Innovation in UCS and Nexus drive improved ROI, TCO and application performance benefits for your clients while Cisco's and Microsoft's technical partnership delivers strong complementary integration with Windows Server, System Center and PowerShell. Finally, you can drive profitability with our storage partners NetApp FlexPod and EMC VSPEC solutions for the Microsoft Private Cloud and Exchange, SQL and SharePoint workloads.

For partners who may not have thought about your company since the last WPC, what would they need to know about what you've been up to for the past 12 months?
Cisco has released Microsoft certified reference architecture solutions for the Fast Track 2.0 Private Cloud program as well as Fast Track offers for SQL Server. These help you drive quicker engagements with higher levels of quality. Cisco has the strongest integration into System Center and PowerShell as recognized by our UCS Manager winning Best of Show at Microsoft Tech Ed 2012 North America. Finally, Cisco's Nexus 1000V switch is strongly integrated into Windows Servers 2012.

Out of your entire product portfolio, what's the product or service that Microsoft partners should be aware of right now?
Cisco UCS server family and Nexus 1000V switch are key opportunities for channel partners.

Are you announcing anything at WPC?

What should Microsoft partners keep an eye out for from your company over the next year?
Our UCS family continues to be recognized as the most innovative compute platform in the market today. We are working closely with Microsoft on various worldwide go-to-market opportunities that will help drive channel partners and their Microsoft private cloud engagements. Our Nexus 1000V integration into Windows Server 2012 will open up opportunities for channel partners, too.

Why should someone visit your booth this year (free stuff, amazing demo, contest, promotion, etc.)?
Well, a cool T-shirt, of course! But more importantly [to] see UCS and Nexus in action on Windows Server as well as our leading System Center and PowerShell integration.

As a company, what are your goals for WPC this year?
We want Microsoft channel partners to learn about and understand the strengths of Cisco UCS and Nexus for their Microsoft engagements.

What's the profile of the ideal partner you're hoping to connect with at WPC this year?
A partner who focuses on infrastructure engagements with Windows Server, Hyper-V and System Center. A combination of being a Cisco partner and a Microsoft partner is ideal!

Who are some of your team members a partner might meet at your booth (names and titles)?
Rex Backman, global marketing manager; Frank Cicalese, lead Microsoft architect; Appaji Malla, lead Nexus 1000V product manager; Bill Shields, UCS ROI/TCO expert; Jim McHugh, VP UCS marketing; Giuliano Di Vitantonio, VP data center marketing.

For partners' post-show follow-up, who should they contact and how (phone number or e-mail address)?
Rex Backman, [email protected]