RCP's 2011 Round-Up: The 10 Most Popular News Stories of the Year

10. Microsoft Shows Off Windows 7-Based Devices at CES Event (Jan. 6)

FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday night with lots of positive stats, along with a few gizmos." [Read the story here.]

9. HP Considers Spinning Off PC Business, Gives Up webOS (Aug. 19)

READER COMMENT: "When the going gets tough, the tough should get going." [Read the story here.]

8. Windows Phone 7, Visual Studio Highlight Tech-Ed 2011 Keynote (May 16)

FROM THE ARTICLE: There were no Steve Ballmer theatrics, no earth-shattering product announcements and no mentions of Microsoft's recently announced acquisition of Skype. [Read the story here.]

7. Microsoft Loses Key Public Sector, Visual Studio and Bing Execs (Sept. 8)

READER COMMENT: "Glad to see the partner-related managers leaving. They really messed up the relationship with the small partners that drive half of the business. Small partners can't keep up with the certifications and other requirements while earning a living, something these managers didn't get." [Read the story here.]

6. Steve Jobs: 1955 - 2011 (Oct. 5)

FROM THE ARTICLE: Apple announced Wednesday afternoon at around 4:45 Pacific time that its co-founder, former CEO and chairman Steve Jobs has passed away. [Read the story here.]

5. Google Apps No Longer Free for Small Businesses (April 26)

READER COMMENT: "Welcome to a 'level playing field' with Google Apps and Office 365 in the same boxing ring...If this were a boxing match, I'd say Office 365 will win by a close decision for its upper left and its 20+ YO partner program." [Read the story here.]

4. SharePoint Conference 2011: Microsoft Promises Major Update to SharePoint Online (Oct. 3)

FROM THE ARTICLE: Teper also said the SharePoint team is working on "the next major release," presumably referring to the customer premises product, but did not give details on a timetable. He did say that "this is the biggest release of SharePoint we've ever done, [with] the largest engineering team." [Read the story here.]

3. Microsoft BPOS Suffers Multiple Outages (May 13)

READER COMMENT: "Seriously!?! I've spent countless hours and months preparing a move to BPOS." [Read the story here.]

2. Windows SBS 2011 Essentials and Windows Home Server 'Vail' RCs Available (Feb. 3)

READER COMMENT: "Whoever is over [in] the Vail team is giving the rest of technology a bad name. If you are THAT guy, and are reading this right now...PLEASE, PLEASE go away. Quit. Do the right thing. You've managed to kill a great product, you jerk." [Read the story here.]

1. Microsoft Releases Beta 2 of SCCM 2012, Adds Mobile and Tablet Support (March 23)

FROM THE ARTICLE: According to Jeff Wettlaufer, technical product manager for Microsoft System Center, SCCM 2012 represents a significant jump from SCCM 2007, particularly in its new mobile scenarios. [Read the story here.]

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