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Windows Store App Growth Slows

The rate of growth in the Windows Store tailed off substantially from December to January, compared to the previous month.

The dropoff isn't surprising, given the holiday season in the United States and the fact that it's hard to maintain triple-digit growth rates as the underlying numbers get bigger. Still, at just under 25,000 apps, Microsoft is so far behind the relevant app stores -- Apple and Google -- that it needs the explosive growth to continue if it's going to be a factor in the app world.

RCP first counted the apps in the Windows Store on Nov. 7 and found 7,096 apps. A month later on Dec. 9, the raw number of apps was up to 18,125 for a 155 percent growth rate. Another count on Jan. 9 found 24,629 apps for a 36 percent month-over-month increase.

Things look slightly better, but only slightly, when comparing raw numbers. In the November-to-December period, the store gained 11,029 apps. In the December-to-January period, the store picked up 6,504 apps.

Overall, Microsoft's Windows Store has grown nearly 250 percent over the two months, which roughly correspond to the availability of Windows 8 and Windows RT, which became generally available on Oct. 26.

Windows Store App Growth by Category:

JAN. 9
Books & Reference 1655 2676 62
Sports 483 757 57
Finance 213 316 48
Games 2438 3610 48
Government 65 94 45
Music & Video 588 846 44
Travel 658 928 41
Business 428 580 36
Photo 377 501 33
Entertainment 2465 3255 32
Lifestyle 762 999 31
Education 2551 3311 30
Tools 1708 2174 27
Productivity 841 1067 27
Health & Fitness 568 711 25
Food & Dining 523 654 25
Shopping 128 158 23
Social 379 467 23
News & Weather 1159 1375 19
Security 136 150 10
Total 18125 24629 36

Posted by Scott Bekker on January 10, 2013 at 11:58 AM

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Reader Comments

Mon, Jan 14, 2013 Todd Seattle

We appreciate RCP continuing to follow this app momentum. Speaking on behalf of the Microsoft Partner community, we can say that we continue to work with our partners on app development and it remains a critical focus for us in 2013. Build more apps!

Sat, Jan 12, 2013 John

Just echoing other comments, but these are US numbers only. The global app count for Windows 8 Store is already approaching double these numbers. Windows 8 has around 40,000 apps published already worldwide.

Fri, Jan 11, 2013

windows phone store grew 75,000 apps in 2012. Not bad. Amongst those was the Paypal, Chase, Skype, Bank of America, WhatsApp, and many more. Lots of social, media, and business based apps are coming, like Instagram and a 1st party Pandora Radio app. The holes are being plugged pretty quickly, but the users will always ask them o be quicker about it.

Fri, Jan 11, 2013

Your numbers are for the US catalog only. There are apps in other markets not found in the US catalog, so the actual absolute total numbers are higher than the ones in this post. It'd be interesting to compare the growth numbers across the other big markets.

Fri, Jan 11, 2013 lallen2064 Dallas, TX

Is it really about the number of apps? Several people have posted about needing their critical apps to make a Windows phone viable. I think MS has to hit the mark on having that set of really critical applications and then also making people aware that those apps are available. MS has smart people that surely are aware of what those apps are likely to be.

Thu, Jan 10, 2013 SpicyMikey Orlando FL

I know what you mean, but critical apps are being added quickly. Dumped my iPhone of 5 years and got a Lumia 920 last month. I just love it. By the way, PayPal app is now on the Windows Store as of recently. Gaps are being filled fast.

Thu, Jan 10, 2013 Alan Vero beach, Fl

Have had iphone, droid and windows phone. Hands down my choice is the Windows phone. Problem is, not enough apps. I use my phone for business and there are certain apps that are a must for me. As much as I want a Windows Phone again, without those apps I'm stuck with a Droid. I can't even get PayPal Here on Windows Phone! When you have major vendors excluding your product for app development, you have a problem. Microsoft needs to partner with these vendors and somehow get the job done if they want to play in this market space. Otherwise, they'll go the way of the Beta VCR.

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