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Channeling the Cloud

New Azure Releases Make It Easier for Partners To Sell Microsoft's Cloud

From security to storage to identity management, the recent raft of new Azure services gives Microsoft partners multiple ways to meet today's business requirements.

Microsoft Gives Its Cloud-in-a-Box Vision a Second Try

The first Azure appliance debuted to much fanfare at the 2010 Worldwide Partner Conference, only to fade from the spotlight almost immediately after. Four years later, Microsoft is reviving its earlier plans with the new Cloud Platform System.

Microsoft Tries Harder with Amazon-to-Azure Migrations

With the debut of Azure Migration Accelerator, Microsoft has fired another volley against cloud leader Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Readies Azure for 'Disaster Recovery as a Service' Boom

Starting with its acquisition of InMage this summer, Microsoft has been taking steps to position Azure as a major provider of disaster recovery services in the cloud.

Microsoft Evolves Azure and Office 365 for New Age of Security Threats

With cloud computing at the center of recent high-profile security breaches and the NSA spying revelations, providers like Microsoft have been feeling pressure from customers to lock down their data.

Microsoft Brings Azure into Focus for Partners

From Azure RemoteApp to ExpressRoute, the new features Microsoft introduced at TechEd give partners new ways to leverage Azure to develop and sell new services.

Major Cloud Players Are Jumping on the DaaS Wagon

The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) field is rife with opportunity for partners and tech giants like Amazon Web Services and VMware.

The Death of Exchange Server 2003: What Will Take Its Place?

With Microsoft's aging e-mail server set to lose extended support on April 8, organizations have a host of options -- both on-premises and in the cloud -- to migrate to.

SharePoint's Path to the Cloud Is Not a Straight Shot

Few dispute that SharePoint in the cloud is the future. The challenge for partners and customers is determining the best path to get there.

How Microsoft Missed the Cloud Forecast Under Ballmer

The outgoing Microsoft CEO gave his "all in" cloud mandate over three years ago, but entrenched players like Amazon Web Services and Google have left Microsoft fighting to secure a foothold for its own cloud services.

Microsoft's Cloud Partners Face Hard Questions After PRISM Scandal

The recent revelations about the depth of the NSA's surveillance program are dragging old questions about cloud privacy back to the forefront.

Microsoft, HP, VMware and Rackspace: The War of the Cloud OSes

With the cloud landscape growing more crowded, the upcoming Windows Azure Pack could be what raises Microsoft's Cloud OS above the fray.

Microsoft Ready for Cloud Battle with Amazon

Nearly a year after disclosing plans to take on Amazon Web Services in the cloud, Microsoft Windows Azure Infrastructure Services is now available.

IBM Gives OpenStack Ecosystem a Major Boost

IBM has thrown its weight behind the OpenStack project, joining the likes of heavyweights HP, Intel, Cisco and Dell.

Microsoft Wants You To Become a Cloud Provider

You've heard the warnings before, but they're ringing true: If you're not able to provide value-added services, you're probably not going to profit from your relationship with Microsoft.

Windows Azure Active Directory: Taking AD Deeper into the Cloud

Active Directory took its first step into the cloud with Office 365, but Microsoft is upping the ante with free access control in the forthcoming Windows Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Pushes 'Cloud-First' Approach with SharePoint 2013

Microsoft this month is releasing SharePoint 2013 to volume licensees, a move that sets the stage for partners to accelerate their customers' shift to the cloud.

Windows 8 and Office 2013 Bring Skydrive to the Fore

The release of Windows 8 and the launch of Office 2013 early next year promise to play a key role in bringing cloud computing to the mainstream.

Why Microsoft Calls Windows Server 2012 a Cloud OS

There are four key reasons Microsoft is touting its latest server as the start of a new cloud era. But will they be enough to seriously challenge VMware or Amazon?

Microsoft Faces Major IaaS Battle Even with Windows Azure Revamp

A crowded field of IaaS providers that includes heavyweights Google, Amazon and HP will give Microsoft's new and improved public cloud a run for its money.

Can Microsoft Cloud Partners Compete with Windows Azure?

Microsoft's recent cloud moves threaten to push providers away from Redmond and toward virtualization juggernaut VMware.

Amazon Prowls for Partners, Launches Marketplace

Not always seen as the most partner-friendly cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is taking key steps to reverse that perception.

Cloud Portability: Here Are Your (Non-Microsoft) Options

From Cloud Foundry to OpenStack, more vendors are promising portability to customers who don't want to be tied to Microsoft's cloud.

Cloud Pricing: Amazon, Google and Microsoft Race to the Bottom

As cloud computing gets more competitive, market leaders and newcomers will continue to push pricing downward.

Tech Data's StreamOne Solutions Store Aims To Link Providers

The IT distributor is taking the effort it started with Software License Selector further into the cloud.