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Sweet Spot of $500 for Touchscreen Notebooks?

After reporting earlier this week that Microsoft is dropping OEM licensing costs to goose Windows 8 sales, Digitimes today is quoting channel retailers on the pricing sweet spot the move allows them to target.

The magic number is $506, the publication reported that its Taiwan-based channel retail sources say. That represents a price drop of about 10 percent.

The publication earlier this week reported that Microsoft will cut the OEM price for Windows 8 by $20 starting in April or May. The price cut will apply to Windows 8 notebooks with touchscreens that are 11.6 inches or smaller, according to the report. Systems based on the new price could start appearing in June.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting similar price cuts this week.

The price cut leaks, which Microsoft is not confirming, comes amid a new round of gloomy projections for the PC market in 2013.

Posted by Scott Bekker on March 07, 2013 at 11:58 AM

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Reader Comments

Thu, Mar 14, 2013 Darryl Rowe KY

Follow-up. For stepping out of the office, and quick checks of emails while going from point-to-point my Win8 Phone does quite well. That said, however, I spend most of my day looking at, and writing code, lots and lots of text. Screen layout, sometimes to the pixel level. I get by quite well with an HP laptop in a computer shoulder bag. I have a Nook, but have, over time, used it less and less...generally preferring a "real" book. Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I'd prefer to wait until I can have a 17" 'machine' that is more or less a flexible sheet of plastic that rolls up out of the way until you need it. I'd look at that.

Tue, Mar 12, 2013 Bruce H SC

Age 61+ here. I've been using the Surface Pro at work for about a month (and a Samsung Slate 7 before that). The screen size, as such, is really not a problem for me. Most everything is clear, sharp and easy to view. Occasionally, the resolution of the Surface (1920x1080) causes text and icons in some programs to be quite small. But this is the exception and not the rule for the applications and browsers I use. The Surface tablet is not my primary work computer. For that I have a HP desktop with 2 23" screens. But whenever I step out of my office, the Surface is in my hand. I doubt I would be doing that with a 17" laptop.

Mon, Mar 11, 2013 Darryl Rowe KY

11.6" or smaller. Are you people out of your minds? Well...maybe the Boomers won't use computers in their retirement years.... Or they won't use them to do 'real' work..... As for me and my compatriots (60+) we haven't found a usable tablet yet. Laptop with 8gig ram, 750gig hdd, DVD burner and screens from 14" to 17" and with a 'full-size' keyboard with numeric keypad. Let me know when we can get a tablet like that...or a comvertable.

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