eBook: Hacker Personas

A Deeper Look Into Cybercrime

Staying informed on today’s ever-changing cybersecurity landscape is vital for mitigating threats and keeping businesses safe. This educational eBook, the sequel to the popular “Why Hacker’s Hack” series, explores cybercriminal personas and who is most likely to fall prey to these scam artists. Learn why it’s important to get informed on their methods, motives and strategies of choice. IT security experts Tyler Moffitt, Kelvin Murray, Grayson Milbourne, George Anderson and Jonathan Barnett offer advice to help you navigate today’s evolving threats and the types of attacks to look out for. Continue reading to learn how to improve cyber resilience and help to keep your business online—no matter what surprises come your way!

What's Inside?

  • The Impersonator - The impersonator is adept at using deception to trick victims into giving away sensitive information. Learn how to mitigate costly impersonation attacks.
  • The Opportunist - The opportunist looks for major events or easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities to cause disruption. Explore their tactics and stop opportunistic attackers in their tracks.
  • The Infiltrator - The infiltrator is interested in finding a way into your business, no matter the cost. Learn how to leverage cybersecurity tools to keep infiltrators at bay.

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