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    AWS App Runner To Help Speed Up App Deployments

    To help developers quickly deploy containerized applications, Amazon Web Services has launched the AWS App Runner managed service. 06/09/2021

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    Amazon ECS Anywhere Launches To Ease On-Prem Container Management

    Six months after its unveiling at the 2020 re:Invent conference, the new Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Anywhere service is now generally available. 06/04/2021

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    Step-by-Step: Configuring Amazon EC2 for Business-Critical Applications, Part 1

    Here's what you need to do to prepare the EC2 infrastructure to support business-critical applications clustered with Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC). 05/26/2021

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    AWS Partner Tool SaaS Boost Hits GitHub

    SaaS Boost, a program that helps Amazon Web Services partners deploy their solutions as software-as-a-service applications, has been released to open source. 05/13/2021

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    Dish Taps AWS for Its Cloud-Based 5G Network

    Dish Network is betting its 5G fortunes on Amazon Web Services, announcing a partnership that would make the AWS cloud the backbone of Dish's emerging 5G network. 04/26/2021

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    AWS Extends CodeGuru Reviewer to Python, Updates Pricing Model

    The Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer service, which helps developers improve the quality of their code by identifying defects, is now available for Python. 04/19/2021

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    AWS Launches Machine Learning Tool for Business Metrics

    To give organizations better insight into their internal metrics, AWS has launched a tool that uses machine learning to spot and diagnose sudden anomalies in business data. 04/12/2021

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    CircleCI Taps AWS Graviton2 to Bring CI/CD to Arm

    Continuous integration/continuous delivery company CircleCI is bringing support for Arm architecture to its flagship CI/CD platform using its existing partnership with Amazon Web Services. 04/01/2021

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    Containers Upward View Graphic

    Red Hat Brings OpenShift Container Platform to AWS

    Amazon Web Services and Red Hat are making it easier for users of the latter's OpenShift Kubernetes container platform to move and manage their deployments on the AWS cloud. 03/29/2021

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    Security Firm: AWS IAM Quirk Leaves Accounts Open to Takeover

    A new report warns AWS administrators of a potential weakness in the cloud giant's Identity and Access Management (IAM) service that could leave user accounts vulnerable to being hijacked by attackers. 03/25/2021

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    AWS To Replace Jassy with Tableau CEO

    The next leader of Amazon Web Services will be Tableau CEO and former AWS marketing executive Adam Selipsky, the company announced Tuesday. 03/23/2021

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    Amazon S3 Object Lambda Now Generally Available

    AWS is making it easier for users to make customizations to their data as it's retrieved from Amazon S3 to be used by other applications. 03/22/2021

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    AWS Eases .NET Deployments with CLI Tool Preview

    AWS this week released the first preview of an open source .NET deployment tool for the .NET CLI, aimed at easing the process of deploying .NET Web applications on its cloud. 03/19/2021

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    AWS Launches Managed Chaos Engineering Service

    The new Fault Injection Simulator from AWS is now generally available, letting users actively run tests against their applications to detect potential weaknesses. 03/17/2021

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    In Cloud AI Development, AWS Falls Behind Microsoft and Google

    Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant report on cloud AI developer services finds former leader Amazon Web Services falling behind competitors Microsoft, Google and IBM. 03/16/2021

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    Today's Cloud: Mostly Multicloud and Hybrid, with AWS Narrowly Leading Azure

    Multicloud and hybrid cloud implementations are the rage among organizations worldwide, according to a recent report by Flexera, which also noted a narrowing gap between cloud leader AWS and runner-up Azure. 03/11/2021

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    JFrog Brings DevOps Tools to AWS, Azure Government Clouds

    Government customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure can now access solutions from the JFrog DevOps Platform from their respective app marketplaces. 03/04/2021

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    Mini Bricks Graphic

    Databricks Now on AWS

    Databricks announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to enable the deployment of its namesake data engineering solution on another leading cloud platform. 02/26/2021